There are many moments from World War II that we will never forget. Many photographs and images that capture the heroism and courage of that generation.

Perhaps one of the most beloved was of the “Kissing Sailor,” when a man kissed a woman right after victory was announced in Japan. A statue was made of that moment.

Today, it was vandalized by social justice warriors.

You might not know that the man in the picture was George Mendonsa. He passed away earlier this week. He would have turned 96 on Tuesday. He spoke of that photograph fondly, as he did his time in service. Like so many of his generation, he fought bravely to free the world from a great evil.

The moment where he kissed a young woman was simply an expression of the joy and relief all Americans felt after the war came to an end.

But today, that simple, innocent kiss has been ruined forever. All thanks to heartless liberals.

The Unconditional Surrender statue in Sarasota, Florida — depicting the iconic image of a sailor kissing a woman in a nurse’s uniform in Times Square after the end of World War II — was vandalized Monday, only a day after the veteran in the photo, George Mendonsa, died at 95.

Officers responded at about 12:55 a.m. Tuesday to a report of a person spray-painting the statue, the Sarasota Police Department said in a statement.

When officers arrived, they found the words “#MeToo” in red covering the length of the woman’s left leg. The #MeToo movement supports the survivors of sexual abuse, assault and harassment. [Source: Daily Wire]

Pretty horrible, right? Some hate-filled person decided to smear a memorable photo of the ending of the war with this horrible slogan.

It’s an insult to everyone that fought and served in WWII. The trials and fears they faced are beyond what most of us can imagine. An entire generation rose to the call to defend the world from Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. Had they done nothing, costless more lives would have been lost. Freedom as we know it would have died.

This simple act of a man kissing a woman, today, is some kind of crime. Mendonsa was not some kind of predator, taking advantage of an innocent victim. He, like so many others, was celebrating the end of a dark chapter in the world’s history.

To brand that with “#MeToo” is vile and unacceptable. The phony hashtag was created to distract the country from the growing reality that Hollywood has allowed sex abuse to go on for decades. Men and women in the industry turned a blind eye as Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, and Kevin Spacey sexual assaulted many people. Evidence suggests many more are up to the same thing.

It is nothing like this simple photo of a sailor kissing a woman. But in today’s age, everything simple, memorable, and optimistic about our past is mired by left-wing hatred. Democrats and social justice warriors hate our country. They hate everything about our history, culture, and values.

They want to burn down America and replace it with something else. Something that doesn’t embrace freedom and traditional values. But something that will give government unlimited power and deny us our basic rights.

In order to do that, they have to convince all of us that America’s history is wrong. That the values millions of us still embrace are racist, hateful, or destructive. That the image of a man innocently kissing a woman is the same as a Hollywood executive raping victims for 30 years.

The only good to come out of this story is that, as quickly as the statue was vandalized, it was cleaned. The city removed the graffiti.

But the damage has already been done. Some hateful SJW ruined yet another piece of our iconic history. And, like Donald Trump’s star on the Walk of Fame, copycats might come forward. More of our history and culture will be stained by empty-headed liberals who are trying to “make a statement.”

Our only solution is to stand up against them, every time they try to harm us. We have to embrace our history, warts and all, so that the left can’t erase it.

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