Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren has had a bad couple of months. And it has everything to do with Donald Trump.

The senator self-destructed when she rose to Trump’s bait, proving once and for all that she lies about her Native American heritage. Despite being embarrassed on a national level, she still decided to run for president.

Now her humiliation is complete, as she is trailing far behind in the polls.

Sen. Warren has for years claimed to be a Cherokee Indian. She even put this information on applications to college and state bar associations. The Democrats has tried to exploit being a Native American–in order to pretend to be a minority. All to advance her career and get the sympathy vote (a woman and a member of a formerly oppressed group? Why that’s liberal gold!)

Only Donald Trump was bold enough to question her claim. He even called her “Pocahontas” in order to remind everyone that Warren was making a major claim with no evidence. Finally, Warren took his bait and took a DNA test to prove her heritage.

Big mistake.

The nation discovered she had less DNA than most white Americans. The Cherokee Nation rebuked the senator for disgracing their history and lineages. But even after being humiliated on such a grand level, the Democrat still thought she had a chance to run for president.

But today, she is trailing way behind in the polls. She’s even losing to a man who isn’t even running.

A University of Massachusetts Amhurst poll released Wednesday shows Warren running a distance fourth, not just to Sanders and fellow Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), but also to former Vice President Joe Biden, who hasn’t even decided if he plans on entering the race…

The vast majority — a whopping 28% of New Hampshire “likely Democrat voters” — say they want Biden for the top office. Around 20% are leaning “Bernie Sanders,” which isn’t surprising given that New Hampshire chose Sanders over Clinton in 2016 by a 22% margin…

An astounding 26% of likely Dem voters say they “definitely wouldn’t” support Warren; that pack of negative voters she easily leads. [Source: Daily Wire]

At the time of this writing (and these polls), Joe Biden hasn’t announced if he is running for president. Yet he is still getting better numbers than the woman who pretended to be an American Indian for over 30 years.

In states like Iowa, she is trailing other Democrats at a pathetic 5%. Warren is in 5th place in a South Carolina poll. In a Daily Kos poll that had her ahead last month, she dropped double-digits.

We’re not surprised, are we? I mean, Democrat voters are pretty dumb. To support such a corrupt group of con artists is a terrible thing to do. They vote for men and women who rob them blind, deprive them of liberty, and run their cities and states into the ground.

Yet even these dummies aren’t buying Warren’s talk.

A part of the problem is that fact that the Democrats 2020 lineup is already so crowded. We are in the second month of 2019 and we have a laundry list of liberal hopefuls. These candidates all think they have what it takes to challenge Donald Trump. They’re all going to be disappointed, in the end, but Warren is in perhaps the worst position.

She’s already gone toe-to-toe with the president… and lost. Warren has made gaffe after gaffe. She’s all but destroyed her reputation over her Native American fiasco. And doesn’t seem bold enough to take a stand on issues, unlike the rest of the 2020 candidates who all appear to be radical socialists.

Democrats are leaderless and hopeless. When faced with a man who has done the impossible to make America great again, they can offer voters nothing. Why should people who supported Trump in 2016 jump ship now? He has been winning for Americans day after day.

No Democrat currently running can provide anything better than what Trump has done. They represent the very swamp he has vowed to destroy. More and more we see they want to burden us with taxes, regulation, violate our rights, and weaken our borders.

Warren’s problems are the same as the rest of the party. They have no vision for the country and plans that would destroy us.

Maybe they should just sit this election out.

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