How embarrassing—the judge just crushed a Democrat holy grail for Donald.

Donald Trump knew it wasn’t going to be easy rolling back Obama’s terrible legacy and cleaning up the swamp.

Reversing decades of failure to make America great again was no small feat.

He’s been hit with countless liberal lawsuits to stop him at every turn.

But the good news is, The Donald is well-versed in frivilous lawsuits, and one of the most ridiculous ones just got knocked down.

From Reuters:

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit by two Pennsylvania boys and an environmental group seeking to stop U.S. President Donald Trump from rolling back regulations addressing climate change, saying the court does not have power to tell the White House what to do…

Climate change regulations were killing our economy. They took away jobs from Americans in need, raised prices, and left America battling “climate change” while major polluters like China do nothing.

Liberals thought they could use the courts to prevent Trump’s putting America first.

But finally, the courts are growing tired of the Democrat caravan of fraudulent cases.

Even liberal judges can’t bend our laws that far. Trump is bringing prosperity and a booming economy back to America, just like it should be.

This verdict is a win for everyone. Liberals will think twice about suing, and the greatest economy in American history is protected for everyday Americans to benefit.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriotjournal: Federal Judge Tosses Top Swamp Case – Hands Trump Landmark Victory

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