President Trump said he would be the greatest jobs president in our nation’s history. With each passing day, he proves to be just that.

He’s slashed taxes, cut regulations, and scored new trade deals. Trump is also bringing life back to communities devastated by decades of liberal failure. Now a major automaker has made a stunning announcement. Motor city is coming back.

For decades, our presidents and lawmakers have promised to “fix” our economy. As we’ve suffered countless economic setbacks, our leaders claimed their policies would solve all our problems. But after these elitists entered office, they did nothing. In fact, many of the left’s plans made things much, much worse.

For over thirty years, our government’s economic strategy has been to help other nations, not America. That is particularly obvious after we’ve seen countless jobs—both blue and white collar—bleed overseas. Both liberal and conservative leaders have prioritized the economies of Asia, Mexico, Europe, and beyond—but never the United States.

Why weren’t our leaders putting us first?

Donald Trump rebelled against the entire system by simply saying he’d put American workers first. It’s what got him elected, by the way. Immediately after entering office, he slashed government regulations—which he called stealth taxes. He then got the GOP to pass a historic tax cuts bill. He also scored new trade deals with allies around the world, which saw record investments into our nation.

But perhaps one of the biggest—and most controversial—measures by Trump was the passage of tariffs on imported goods. As president, he has the sole power to create tariffs. In the past, presidents did this all the time to protect American-made products. But few have done in recent years.

Experts panicked when Trump hit Asia and Europe with new tariffs. They made wild claims about trade wars and devastation. But what really happened? Read on.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) will reopen an idled Detroit engine plant, invest billions into five existing Michigan plants, and create about 6,500 U.S. auto jobs in a move reflecting President Trump’s economic nationalist agenda…

The total $4.5 billion investment by Fiat Chrysler will mean a total of about 6,500 new U.S. jobs at its give existing Michigan plants with plans to build a new assembly plant in the city limits of Detroit, marking the first time a new plant will be built in the city in almost three decades…

Fiat Chrysler’s decision to expand U.S. production came in response to Trump’s use of tariffs to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States after years of working and middle class job outsourcing by multinational corporations through multilateral free trade deals. [Source: Breitbart]

Our auto industry—a major backbone to our economy—was particularly damaged by decades of bad trade deals and outsourcing. Once the pride of our country, America auto companies became a joke. Americans would rather buy a puny Japanese car, than a Made-in-America Ford or Chrysler.

Past presidents did nothing to turn this situation around. Only Trump had the vision—and guts—to do something about it.

Now our auto industry is roaring back to life. This announcement is just one of many in recent years. American (and foreign) auto companies are investing billions in American factories. They are modernizing old plants and building new ones. They are hiring Americans to make quality cars. Entire cities, especially Detroit, are coming back to life.

This is all thanks to the changes Trump made in the areas of regulation, taxes, and tariffs. Obama’s heavy regulations punished American companies. They had no choice but to move overseas. Taxes made it harder for companies to hire more workers. And a lack of tariffs made it impossible for American companies to compete with cheaply made products from other countries.

Why did past presidents refuse to do what Trump is doing now? Simple: they were in the pocket of greedy globalists. They bowed to the whims of corrupt businessmen. They weren’t interested in serving the interests of the very people who elected them. That’s especially true of Golden Boy Obama, who nearly destroyed several American industries (coal, anyone?).

President Trump isn’t interested in serving globalists. He only wants what’s best for Americans. That is the very reason the D.C. swamp hates him so much. And the very reason he’s winning again and again.

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