Last week, it was announced that Bernie Sanders lost two top advisors to his campaign. The shakeup sent signals that “Uncle Bernie” just might not be up for the task of running for president. But that’s okay.

He quickly filled an open position with a fresh, young, radical activist.

But one thing about this staffer has Americans stunned.

Bernie Sanders calls himself a “Democratic Socialist.” That’s like saying you’re a “friendly bank robber.” Socialists—be they “democratic” or otherwise—wish to eradicate the values and freedoms on which America was founded.

They seek to destroy our free market and expand the power of the federal government. In every socialist nation in the world, you see the rights of the people destroyed. Socialist nations take away their citizens’ freedom of speech, right to bear arms, even freedom of religion. They have to, in order to maintain control.

Nowhere in the world has seen socialism succeed. Yet Sanders, the fool that he is, claims it would work in America. “No, seriously, you guys. A system that robs the wealthy to give to those who don’t work will succeed this time! As long as I’m in charge!”

Bernie Sanders says he hates the richest one percent of the population. Yet he ignores the fact that he’s a part of that one percent. He promised free college tuition for young Americans—but never explained how to pay for it. Today he’s promising “Medicare for All,” ignoring the fact that it would cost taxpayers $32 TRILLION (for starters).

There’s also another way where he hates America. Bernie supports undocumented immigrants—also known as illegal aliens. The radical socialist opposes Donald Trump’s plan to secure our Southern border and end the crisis of unchecked illegal immigration.

Bernie, like the rest of the Democrats, wants to exploit illegal aliens for votes. He promises them government handouts in exchange for their support. Real Americans? Yeah, he doesn’t care about you. In fact, his latest hire openly calls herself an illegal alien.

No, you can’t make this up.

Bernie Sanders’ newest deputy national press secretary won’t be able to cast a vote for her boss in the 2020 presidential election.

That’s because Belén Sisa, a millennial Arizona left-wing activist who joined the Democrat’s staff this week, claims to be an illegal immigrant…

The activist, who previously went viral in 2017 after posting a photo of herself paying taxes in an effort to change people’s perceptions about illegal immigrants, repeatedly said she was brought into the country illegally by her parents from Argentina when she was merely 6 years old. [Source: Fox News]

That’s right. Bernie had no problem hiring a woman that can’t even vote for him in 2020. Legally, that is.

It’s an open secret that all across America–especially in sanctuary states—Democrats look the other way as illegals vote. That is why they are fighting Trump’s enforcement of our immigration laws. That’s why they oppose the wall and put illegal aliens ahead of American citizens.

Thanks to illegal immigration, countless jobs are lost. Corrupt businesses would rather hire illegal workers, so they can pay them much, much less than Americans (plus, no benefits). It’s been a long problem that illegal aliens take American jobs.

Bernie Sanders claims he cares about America’s middle and working classes. Yet he hired a woman that openly says she is an illegal—instead of giving the job to an American citizen. Pretty ironic if you think about it.

And appropriate. Democrats have given up trying to help Americans. Their entire agenda is about increasing the number of illegals in this country—so that they can get them to vote. Democrats don’t need to worry about what Americans want or need. They can continue to reject us, burden us with heavy taxes, and strip us of our freedoms.

As long as they have a steady supply of “undocumenteds” voting for them.

Bernie proves that perfectly by hiring an illegal immigrant to work for his campaign, instead of an American.

The rest of his party is no different. Should one of the 2020 hopefuls get elected to the White House, that would be the end of America’s future prosperity.

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