Across the country, Democratic Socialists are trying to force companies to pay higher minimum wages. In several cities and states, the government has already raised the minimum wage to a staggering $15 per hour. After mounting pressure, Whole Food’s raised its minimum wage. Now, employees are revealing the ugly truth.

Demand to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour has been thrown around for a while. Democrats in deeply blue regions promise that, if elected, they’ll pass laws that will force companies to pay this much. It’s an insane amount of money—for entry-level, low-skilled workers.

But they keep pushing for it. It’s obvious why. Workers like the idea of getting paid more. Who doesn’t? Instead of working hard and getting promoted, they get paid a lot for doing little! Democrats like to push it, because it will win them votes.

None of these liberals stop to think about the impact this has on the businesses. Who cares, though, right? I mean, these companies are super rich. They can afford to pay their employees more money. They should stop being so greedy, after all.

As we’ve discussed recently, companies don’t have a limitless supply of money. Some survive by the skin of their teeth. Any major shifts in expenses—especially salaries—could put them out of business. So, when stupid Democrats pass laws forcing companies to pay higher minimum wages, they have to take drastic measures to stay above water.

That’s just what Whole Foods employees learned, after the parent company Amazon raised their minimum wage back in November. It was all wine and roses at first. Until a new policy set in.

The Guardian reported Wednesday that employees at Whole Foods, which Amazon purchased back in 2017, have experienced a dramatic drop in schedule shifts since the raised wages were introduced…

Since the wage increase in November, Whole Foods employees say they’ve experienced “widespread cuts that have reduced schedule shifts across many stores, often negating wage gains for employees,” The Guardian reports.

The employees, speaking on condition of anonymity “for fear of retaliation,” revealed to the outlet that they’ve seen an average of about a 30% reduction in hours per week for part-timers and about a 10% reduction for full-timers. [Source: Daily Wire]

But… but, Whole Foods is a big company! Don’t they have enough money to go around? That may seem true on the surface, but it’s a different story when you look at the details.

Even though Whole Foods is a nationwide chain, owned by a large corperation, local stores are in a constant fight to turn a profit. They don’t take their wages from a giant pot of money provided by Amazon. They have to earn it from sales from their local communities.

Your home town probably has more than a few groceries stores, right? Probably a huge Walmart with low prices? Whole Foods angles itself as a higher end store, with fancier products at higher prices. Only a small portion of consumers would shop their all the time.

Under normal circumstances, that would be fine. But now, they are forced to pay their workers way more. If business slows down, many Whole Foods stores might close their doors.

How else can they compensate, but by cutting employees’ hours?

This isn’t just happening at Whole Foods. Parent company Amazon is cutting hours at their own warehouses.

This is why government-mandated wages is a terrible idea. Democrats in office won’t care if a company goes out of business. It’s not their job to keep every business open. They can pass minimum wage hikes, but will do nothing when businesses lay off staff, cut hours, or close up altogether.

This is yet another reason why socialism doesn’t work. Socialism pushes government control over private industry. It creates a society where a very few in power make all the decisions. The more the government controls the economy and businesses, the more we see a drop in jobs, opportunity, and prosperity.

This is just a small example, but it’s felt anywhere government gets too big.

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