Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen the Democrats melt down over anti-Semitic remarks by one of their own.

A newly-elected Muslim has outraged many with her history of attacking Jews and Israel. Democrats are in a struggle over how to react. It has made many question their stance on anti-Semitism.

Now, conservative actor James Woods is firing back.

James Woods is one of the few outspoken conservative actors in Hollywood. While there are many more, few are brave enough to speak out as much as Woods does. Woods doesn’t pull any punches in his criticism of the regressive left. He has a history of calling out dishonest liberals in government, the media, and the entertainment industry.

The recent controversy in Congress has captured Woods’ attention. New congresswoman Ilhan Omar was called out by those in the media for strong, anti-Semitic remarks. This has brought to light her history of attacking Jews and the nation of Israel.

Outrage among Americans compelled the Democrats to decide on some kind of resolution condemning anti-Semitism in the House. Seems pretty standard. I mean, Democrats aren’t supposed to be anti-Semites, right? A resolution like that would pass very easily and ensure representatives like Omar better watch what they say.

Wrong. The process in crafting and passing this resolution erupted into chaos. Numerous Democrats flat out refused to vote on the thing—exposing their real intentions. Nancy Pelosi came out in defense of Omar, trying to make her hateful attacks against an entire people seem reasonable, or at least uninformed.

This has all shaped up to give the Democrats another black eye. They are so scattered and pathetic, they can’t even agree to condemn racism and bigotry.

Actor James Woods stepped into offer his insight into the matter. In a word, he torched them.

On Thursday, actor James Woods took aim in his inimitably blunt way at the Democrat party for its refusal to condemn the anti-Semitic rhetoric of Rep. Ilhan Omar, ripping the Democrats for having “soulless, vile hearts.”

“Oh my God, the #Democrats literally can’t agree to condemn bigotry. Six million Jews were killed by Hitler, they are targets of Muslim terrorists constantly, and @theDemocrats can’t find it in their soulless, vile hearts to condemn anti-Semitism.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Strong words, but what else could you say about this entire episode?

Democrats elected a woman who has a history of spreading anti-Semitism. You have to wonder at the electorate in Minnesota if this is the kind of person they’d put into public office. Were they so blinded by identity politics that they didn’t realize Omar hates Jews? How is that acceptable?

Beyond that, you have to wonder at how a major American political party could dismiss Omar’s anti-Semitism (or the anti-Semitism of other newcomers)?

What would have happened if the shoe was on the other foot? What if Republicans elected a Muslim to the House—who then proceeded to bash Israel and the Jewish people? You better believe Democrats would be raging, demanding not only an apology, but ways to remove him from office.

Republicans would also demand an apology, making it clear that they—as a party—condemn anti-Semitism in the strongest terms. They wouldn’t have to vote on a resolution to do it, either.

But Democrats cannot do even that. Why? Because they are terrified. They have built up their entire party in the 21st Century to revolve around identity politics. They have told Americans that they value minorities and woman above all else. That black people, transgenders, gays, Muslims, and other minitory groups get preferential treatment by liberals. All to win their votes.

How would it look if Democrats—mostly white men and women—condemned a newly-elected Muslim woman of color? The left-wing rags would have a field day! You see, they don’t care about the content of someone’s character, only the color of their skin.

Democrats can’t condemn Omar, or it would make them look like sexist, racist, bigots. Even when Omar is herself a bigot.

Liberals have dug themselves into a hole. One they will never get out of.

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