Many Democrats had hoped Joe Biden would be the left’s 2020 savior. The former VP, they thought, would easily beat Donald Trump. Things aren’t looking too pretty, though, as allegations are derailing his chances. Now, even President Trump is bashing “Creepy Joe” and his wayward hands.

Conservatives have speculated for a long time about Joe Biden’s inappropriate behavior. You don’t have to look far to find photos or video clips where the former vice president is touching a woman (or young girl) in a way that is simply wrong. Had it been his wife or family member, maybe it would have been okay.

But whose comfortable with the second-most powerful man in the country nuzzling a stranger? I know I’m not.

In recent weeks, numerous women have come forward to express how uncomfortable and violated they felt when Joe Biden touched them. In several of these instances, he was at events about sexual abuse! Yet he still felt entitled to invade their personal space, hold them a little too long, and touch places that he was not invited to touch.

Trump supporters online have branded him “Creepy Joe” for many years now. They’ve even raised the alarm over disturbing (yet still unconfirmed) rumors about Biden’s behavior behind closed doors. For a long time, the liberal media ignored everything we’ve said. Naturally, they had to protect one of their own.

Now, with the floodgates open, Joe Biden can no longer count on the liberal news to hide behind.

Recently, even President Trump called out “Creepy Joe,” when he posted a hilarious meme.

On Thursday, President Donald Trump trolled former Vice President Joe Biden with an edited video of Biden being touched and then smelled by a graphic of Biden.

“WELCOME BACK JOE!” Trump tweeted with the accompanying video.

The video was a reference to the allegations that several women have made about Biden unsolicitedly touching them. The original video, before the edit, was of Biden explaining his actions toward these women.​ [Source: Daily Wire]

You know it’s pretty bad when the President of the United States is calling out your sleazy behavior.

Biden has tried to write off the numerous accounts of him inappropriately touching women. He’s said he is making a “human connection,” by hugging, shaking hands, and grabbing men and women. But it’s funny how no men have come forward with stories, nor are there any photos or video of him nuzzling his face in a man’s neck or hair.

In seems like all this “human connecting” only happens with woman. Something tells me there is more going on than just being attentive to a person.

And it looks like Trump isn’t buying Biden’s excuse either. You might remember how Biden’s treated Trump in the past. The former VP has said he’d like to take Trump behind the bleachers and beat him up. Before anyone can accuse Trump of his inappropriate video, they’ll have to remember that bizarre statement by Biden.

Earlier this week, Trump bashed Biden at an event.

On Tuesday, while speaking at the National Republican Congressional Committee dinner, President Trump taunted Biden when telling a story about his interaction with a military general who told him ISIS was defeated in all but Syria. The Daily Wire reported on the taunting incident.

“I said, ‘General, come here. Give me kiss’ I felt like Joe Biden,” Trump said to the audience erupting in laughter. “But I meant it.” [Source: Daily Wire]

It’s clear that Trump’s got Biden’s number. If the Democrat decides to throw his hat into the 2020 ring, Trump won’t let people forgot what the VP has done, time and time again.

Why is it that so many Democrats are getting called out for sexual harassment, abuse, and inappropriate touching? From Hollywood to the media to Washington, so-called feminists don’t know how to treat women right.

I think they should all just bow out of public life for a while and get their stuff together. But they won’t.

All we can do in response is to make sure they never work in D.C. again. By voting them out.

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