Despite our long-time alliance, there are many in the UK who oppose President Trump and the United States. Our relationship with the other nation has been frosty. Things only got worse when Trump visited in 2018.

But now, tensions will be tested after Queen Elizabeth made a startling announcement. How will the leftists react?

When Donald Trump was elected president, much of the world was shocked. American patriots celebrated, but far-left socialists—from all corners of the globe—were none too happy. That’s right, people who blindly believe leftist media exist beyond the United States. In England, a petition circulated to make sure the newly-elected president was barred from ever visiting.

It didn’t work, and Donald Trump traveled as president to the UK in 2018. He met with lawmakers and trade representatives on official business. He and the First Lady even had tea with Queen Elizabeth.

But even that trip was marred by pathetic outbursts by the left. London—which has now surpassed New York in murders—protested Trump’s visit. A man whose leadership would mean good things for both America and England was insulted, as braindead socialists tried to slander him with their “Trump Baby” balloon.

Despite our long relationship with England, it seems like they have been incredibly reluctant to pursue a meaningful relationship with this administration. Aside from that trip, they have been more than frosty with the U.S.

Now, that might change a bit, as Queen Elizabeth makes a stunning announcement.

The United Kingdom has been stingy with its state visits since Donald Trump became president, but it seems Queen Elizabeth II is willing to make an exception, even amid the Brexit crisis, to welcome Trump for the 75th anniversary of D-Day on June 6th…

The Queen has settled on welcoming the president, now more than two years into his term, to mark the success of Operation Overlord, and the massive joint invasion that started the Allies down the path to victory in World War II.

Donald Trump may even get to ride in a carriage down London’s mall to Buckingham Palace accompanied by members of the Queen’s Household Cavalry to mark the occasion. He may also get a gun salute and an invitation to an official State dinner at the palace, held in the ballroom, per Metro. [Source: Daily Wire]

It’s pretty disgraceful, if you ask me, that our closest ally has been so reluctant to welcome our Command in Chief. European nations all but swooned over Obama—whose policies only served to hurt our reputation around the world. But Trump, who is forging better trade deals and stamping out ISIS, gets the cold shoulder?

At least the Queen is willing to acknowledge President Trump’s influence around the world. If this invitation holds, he will get the respect a leader of the United States deserves. Only two years late it seems.

When Trump visited Saudi Arabia, the country welcomed him with the full red-carpet treatment. They even flew planes overhead which released red, white, and blue smoke to celebrate the United States. Trump’s historic visit to Asia was marked by much pomp and circumstance. From Japan to South Korea to even China, these nations welcomed Trump’s presence with rich ceremonies, celebration, and respect.

But Trump’s last (and only) visit to England was marked by outrage and disgust. It’s taken two years for them to even consider an official state dinner. And only because it’s the 75th anniversary of a major historical event from WWII.

England doesn’t seem impressed by Trump’s leadership. Pretty pathetic, given how they are increasingly overrun with migrant rape gangs, rampant stab attacks, and continued terrorist presence. As Trump is working to restore American strength, sovereignty, and peace, England spirals out of control.

But no, Trump, should be the one snubbed and insult.

The official word of invitation has not come out, but when it does, expect complaints, protests, and anger from people across the pond.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump turns down the offer. Would you?

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