Everyone thought Mueller’s Russian probe would be the end for Trump. Everyone, but true patriots. We now know that Mueller’s final report proves that the Trump campaign did not collude with Russia to “steal” our democracy. But Mueller’s team uncovered many shocking acts of betrayal. One could land a former Obama ally in serious trouble.

For over two years Americans have had to put up with slander from the left. Democrats have tried to delegitimize Trump’s presidency, by claiming he was a puppet for Russia. Their goons in the media have pushed the lie that Trump was working with Putin to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. And now, Trump is just doing the bidding of Moscow.

Radical and insane notions, to be sure. But where did this idiotic narrative come from? Hillary Clinton, of course. Her people crafted the fake dossier with this story. That was the dossier disgraced FBI head James Comey used to launch the witch hunt, later taken over by Mueller. It was the same dossier other agents called “insurance” hoping to use it to stop Trump from entering office.

It was a disgusting and underhanded scheme. One that could have really stolen our democracy from the people. By the grace of God, they failed, but we’ve had to suffer this slander and insult for years. Now, it seems some real crimes have come to light.

Mueller had expanded his probe to look into all kinds of deals going on with Russia and its allies. More often than not, we discovered there was some kind of collusion going on between Russia and government officials. But it had nothing to do with Trump.

Now we’re learning that a former Obama ally is about to be indicted, over his connection with Russia.

The legal team for former Obama White House lawyer Greg Craig say that they expect Craig to be indicted in the near future on charges related to work that he performed in 2012 for the Russia-aligned government of Ukraine…

The people familiar with the situation say they believe Mr. Craig will be charged with making false statements to the Justice Department unit that oversees the activities of foreign agents, though other charges are possible.”

The case against the 74-year-old Democrat — who has served in senior legal positions under two Democrat presidents — originated from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. [Source: Daily Wire]

According to the report, Craig was working closely with Then-Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to review a corruption trial of the president’s opponent. It seems like Craig was aiding Yanukovych, by trying to soften the fact that he was persecuting his rival. Craig even acted like a lobbyist for the foreign government, trying to win favor for Yanukovych in the U.S. and the media.

That would have been a violation of our laws, given he didn’t register as a lobbyist with our government.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Democrats going over to help foreign governments. Joe Biden helped the corrupt Ukrainian government, after his son got a big payday from one of their companies. Hillary Clinton gave a large portion of the U.S.’s uranium deposits to Russia, after her Foundation got a nice fat check from them.

Why was this going on so often during the Obama’s administration? We are seeing that many of his top people were selling out our country to foreign entities. All to get nice paydays for themselves. Did Obama have ZERO control over his people? Or did he just not care?

Or perhaps, was he the one behind all these dirty deals? Was Obama allowing this level of corruption to go on, because he was getting the biggest payday of them all?

Those are questions we need to know about. What this administration did had an effect on every last American. Their selling out of our country hurt us tremendously. Only the hard work of the Trump administration has pulled us out of political, economic, and social quicksand.

Not to mention saved us from further terrorism.

It’s possible that Craig will be indicted and face intense scrutiny from the DOJ. Perhaps he will crack, revealing everything he knows about what went on during the Obama administration.

Maybe then, we’ll get some answers.

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