The battle to end abortion in the United States has been raging for years. We are closer than we ever have been to abolishing this evil practice, thanks to President Trump. But at the state level, we continue to see major gains in the pursuit of protecting all Americans. In Ohio, a new law was passed that gives pro-lifers a huge win. The real shocker, though, is how the former governor refused to have anything to do with it.

With Donald Trump in office and with a conservative majority in the Supreme Court, abortion’s days in the U.S. might be numbered. President Trump is strongly opposed to abortion. One of the first things he did after entering office was to reinstate the Mexico City policy that prevents U.S. funds to other countries to pay for abortions. He nominated two conservative judges to serve on the Supreme Court, destroy a left-leaning majority that has existed for over three decades.

A time might come, very soon, when the practicing of ending a human life within the womb in America is only a memory.

But Democrats who profit off of death aren’t going down without a fight. In liberal-controlled states, they have tried to push radical new pro-abortion laws. In Virginia, they almost passed a post-birth abortion bill, that would allow doctors to kill newborn children. That went up in flames. New York State also tried to push a similar bill.

It’s clear that Democrats will never be pro-life; they make too much money through their laundering scheme with Planned Parenthood.

There is much good news, though. Ohio just passed a bill banning abortion when a child’s heartbeat is detected. It is a major win for pro-lifers. Although, the law had been vetoed twice by their former governor, a man who claimed to be conservative.

Pro-lifers in Ohio are celebrating having a “real” pro-life representative in the governor’s mansion after Governor Mike DeWine, a Republican, signed a so-called “heartbeat bill” into law on Thursday — legislation that was twice vetoed by allegedly pro-life former Governor John Kasich…

The legislation protects unborn babies with beating hearts, which can be detectable at around six weeks gestation, from the fatal procedure of abortion.

The bill, which includes an exception for the life of the mother, was introduced to the House on Tuesday and signed by the governor by 3:30 p.m. local time on Thursday. [Source: Daily Wire]

This is so important. Every step in protecting an unborn child’s life is crucial. We know that pro-abortion activists are obsessed with allowing women to have abortions all the way up to childbirth. Now we know they want to abortion a child after they’re born. These blood-thirsty monsters have zero respect for human life.

If we let them get away with such acts, who knows where it would end? Abortion after five years? After twenty? Do they want to legalize murder at any age?

Seems radical, but pro-choice advocates are getting more and more desperate as they see America move toward ending the practice.

A heartbeat bill will protect children from six weeks on. Former governor, John Kasich, has signed a 20-week abortion ban, but was too cowardly to sign the heartbeat bill. In fact, he vetoed it twice, claiming it would create a legal bill taxpayers would have to pay.

Uh… what? This is about saving human lives. Not legal fees. But Kasich was hardly a conservative. The man tried to run for president in 2016. During the primaries, we quickly saw how he was much more liberal than he was conservative.

Thankfully, the people of Ohio elected a real conservative would proudly signed a bill to protect unborn Americans.

As you can expect, pro-abortion activists are already preparing lawsuits against this new law. They hate it that Americans dare to protect the lives of their children. It seems like they want more death and misery in our country, not less.

But they better get ready for a battle, one that might be taken to the Supreme Court.

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