San Francisco was once considered to be America’s most beautiful city. But thanks to years of liberal rule, the City by the Bay is facing serious problems. Democrat policies have driven homelessness sky-high. A new map has been released that shows the extent of the problem. It will make you rethink any trips you have planned to the West Coast.

California, in general, is the poster child for bad Democrat policies. The state has a liberal super majority. While there are hard-working conservative leaders and citizens, they are sadly overwhelmed by the far-left, radical Democrats that make up the majority of people in their cities.

This is particularly true in large cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. These cities were once hot spots for tourists and those looking to relocate. San Francisco once boasted as America’s technological Mecca, with Silicon Valley not far away.

But thanks to bad liberal leadership, the city is in a bad place. Stupid regulation is preventing new housing from being built, leading to a massive shortage. Homes prices are skyrocketing. High taxes and other government interference are leading to surging cost of living. Forced minimum wage hikes is driving businesses to close. And legalized drug use is killing its population.

Perhaps the biggest sign of San Francisco’s decline can be plainly seen in the streets. Because of its bad leadership, San Francisco suffers from massive homelessness. The city doesn’t do anything to fix it. In fact, there are so many government-funded handout programs, that the homeless have no reason to turn their lives around.

They literally get free food, clothes, and even computers, without any incentive to get off the streets. San Francisco even gives them free needles to shoot up with.

This has led to one big, stinky problem.

The streets of San Francisco have become so infested with human feces that if you were to place onto a map all the recorded cases since 2011, the city would appear to be covered with it from top-to-bottom…

As the map below shows, parts of the city have been deluged with so many reports of human fecal matter in the streets since 2011 that they have been blacked out entirely, as if they were the city’s no man’s land; the largest area of complaints being on the streets where both Twitter and Uber are headquartered:

NBC News reported last year that the city has become so filth-infested that the city spends approximately $30 million a year to clean human feces off the sidewalk. Not only that, the city has only made the problem worse by enabling people’s drug problems through its distribution of free syringes, which are often seen discarded in public places. [Source: Daily Wire]

The Democrats that run SF are basically enablers of drug addiction and homelessness. They don’t do anything to get these people back on their feet. Instead, they spend millions just to clean up after them. They are like parents who let their kids live in the basement, who fed, cloth, and clean up after them, refusing to kick them out and get a job.

The city is littered with large heaps of garbage, food, and junk. Not to mention feces and discarded drug needles. Some studies have said it’s worse than some third-world countries.

Now think about this: San Francisco rivals New York as the most expensive city in America to live. Do YOU want to live in a city flowing with poop and garbage? Where your kids might stick themselves with a needle full of AIDS? And pay a huge amount for that luxury?

I doubt it.

Why would anyone else want to do that?

In recent years, we’ve seen an exodus from overcrowded, poorly run, liberal cities. Americans are fleeing the East and West Coasts for better places. They are moving to Texas, Florida, and other states run by conservatives.

But will the leaders of San Francisco wise up before the city is deserted? Will they crack down on these terrible policies and fix their problems?

No. These people refuse to even acknowledge the problem at the border. Why would they fix the problems in their own city?

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