With 2020 around the corner, Democrats are doing everything in their power to make President Trump look bad. They’ve spread lies and rumors about him through the press. They have tried to get his tax information, just to find more dirt. And now they are refusing to send funds to much need states hit by hurricanes. Fed up, Trump takes them to the wood shed.

Over the last two years, we’ve seen the true colors of the Democrats. The party has pretended to be one of compassionate leaders, men and women who care about the common man. Boy, is that a crock of crap!

Democrats only care about helping, if it makes them look good. They only try to help Americans, if they are in power. They only do good, when their globalist overlords tell them to. Frequently, they’ve had opportunities to put aside disputes, work with Trump, and score big wins for America.

They’ve refused. Every time.

Not a single Democrat voted for the tax cuts bill, a historic piece of law that saved millions of Americans money. Democrats have resisted every time Trump has put forward a goal that will bring back jobs, help working and middle-class families, and even save lives.

And let’s not forget how Democrats shut down the government (twice) to prevent Trump for securing our Southern border.

It’s clear, Democrats don’t care about Americans. They only want power. If something were to help Americans and give Trump a win, liberals will fight it with all their power.

Such is the case with Georgia and Florida. These two conservative states were hit hard by Hurricane Michael. Cities along the Florida coast were devastated. Farms and communities in Georgia were slammed. Both states need help from the federal government to rebuild.

Congress is refusing it, because Trump is asking for it. So, he called them out over their pathetic behavior.

President Trump on Wednesday said Democrats have largely given up on the Southeast and are deliberately stalling relief efforts for farmers and other residents who were affected by Hurricane Michael in October.

“The Democrats don’t care about Georgia. They don’t care about Alabama,” Trump said during a brief appearance at an opioid abuse summit in Atlanta. “They don’t care about numerous other states.”

Georgia lawmakers have proposed a $14 billion relief package for victims of Hurricane Michael, which also devastated the Florida Panhandle in October. But efforts to put legislation forward have stalled in Washington amid infighting…

“It continues to be beyond me, when we have over a dozen states affected by this storm, we cannot get this done,” [GA Gov. Brian] Kemp, a Republican, said. “Our folks in South Georgia feel like we’ve forgotten them. I can assure them we have not.” [Source: Fox News]

Imagine being so petty, so corrupt, so full of hate, that you refuse to help people in need. But that’s the Democrats’ policy, these days. If it helps people, they’re against it!

Pathetically, Democrats are claiming they’d rather help Puerto Rico than Georgia, Alabama, or Florida. Puerto Rico, mind you, has already received billions in federal aid and has numerous benefactors building it.

These southern states have millions more people in need. They have legitimate crises that need fixed. Congress refuses, because it would give a win to Trump.

But despite their childish and un-American behavior, Trump has vowed to get it done. He is not finished with Congress. He will make sure those states get the aid they need to rebuild their homes and communities.

Hey, he’s had plenty of success saving America without Congress’ help. He’ll just have to do it again.

Perhaps, one day, he’ll get a Congress that actually supports his vision and cares about America.

I mean, 2020 is just around the corner.

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