Senate Democrats’ official Twitter account hosted a poll of its users. They asked them if they wanted more Supreme Court justices like their idolized Ruth Bader Ginsburg or newly appointed Brett Kavanaugh. It was obvious what results they were expecting from their so-called liberal followers. The results they got, however, outraged them.

It’s kind of sickening to see how the left worships Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Democrats are so obsessed with identity politics, they don’t really care about how effective or qualified a leader is. They love Ginsburg simply because she’s a woman.

But the facts are clear, the woman is far too old to continue on the Supreme Court. I don’t have to tell you about the many memes generated by photos of her sleeping through the State of the Union. Or about how, a few months ago, she was missing in action for a very long time. Democrats claimed she was just fine.

But few people were buying it.

Democrats just assume Americans love Ginsburg because she’s a woman who is also a feminist judge. They can look the other way at anything that should concern them, like her inability to lead.

That’s probably why they posted a poll on Twitter, asking their followers if they wanted more judges like Ginsburg, or Trump’s latest appointment, Brett Kavanaugh. You might remember Kavanaugh, he was the man whose life and career were nearly destroyed thanks to the horrific and disgusting lies of Senate Democrats.

I’m guessing the Senate Democrats were hoping Americans had forgotten about how they pushed sexual assault allegations against an innocent man, so he wouldn’t become our next Supreme Court Justice. But we hadn’t. And the results of their little poll stunned and horrified them.

A Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Twitter poll asking what type of Supreme Court justices social media users would like to have on the bench apparently backfired when 71 percent of respondents selected “justices like Brett Kavanaugh” compared to just 29 percent who chose “justices like Ruth Bader Ginsburg.”

The poll, which is not scientific and open to anyone with a Twitter account, was posted on May 3 and stated it had two more days before it closed.

However, by Sunday afternoon, the tweet had vanished. [Source: Fox News]

Wow. Call me crazy, but I expected most of the Senate Democrats followers were liberal. But apparently even they aren’t interested in another justice who sleeps through important moments in our country’s history!

Or maybe their followers know that, despite being an “evil” conservative, Kavanaugh hired as many black law clerks as Ginsburg. On top of that, he is the first justice to have an all-female staff.

That’s right, you don’t have to be a left-wing socialist to respect women and minorities and give them good jobs. You just have to be a decent American who cares.

This Twitter poll may not be “official” but it gives us a pretty clear idea of which way the country is headed. Democrats keep saying most of America is as left-wing as they are. They think that if they bombard us with as much liberal propaganda as they can, they can make that true.

But it’s all a lie. More Americans are coming around to conservative views. They are sick to death of terrible liberal policies that are ruining cities and states across America. They are seeing just how successful President Trump is and just how bitter and pathetic the Democrats have become.

Senate Democrats tried to frame Brett Kavanaugh over 40-year-old, unproveable allegations, just to stop him from becoming a Justice. They didn’t question him on his record, accomplishments, loyalty to the Constitution or anything else relevant to his job. That proved Democrats don’t care about this country, only pushing their agenda.

Meanwhile, they prop up a woman who is no longer fit to judge, just because she’s female.

This little poll proves Americans are not on their side. We want qualified leadership who will put this country first.

Sadly, Democrats can’t offer that, because they long ago stopped caring about America.

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