Tiger Woods defied expectations earlier this year by winning the Masters tournament for a fifth time. People around the world cheered, including Tiger’s friend, President Donald Trump. Trump even decided to honor the athlete with his highest medal. The left-wing media were on hand to complain like bitter babies.

The media loves famous athletes. When these high-performing men and women win big, the press is on hand to practically worship them. That was always true of Tiger Woods, a man who transformed professional golf and brought in legions of new, young fans.

Even though Tiger has suffered setbacks in recent years, he has enjoyed a big comeback when he won the Masters for the fifth time. Many said the man would never comeback, that he was finished. But millions of fans the world over thought different. The press were on hand to celebrate this historic win and give him all the accolades he deserved.

Until, of course, the President of the United States chimed in. You see, it’s no secret that the biggest name in professional golf is also a personal friend of Donald Trump. They golf together and have been photographed together numerous times. Trump even wished Tiger good luck at the Masters and predicted his big win.

The president even went further, by honoring Tiger Woods with the Presidential Medal of Freedom—an award given to many people by past presidents. Had Barack Obama given Tiger this medal, the media would have had a love-in. They would have spent days gushing over both Obama and Woods, talking about how amazing they are.

Instead, the media fumed that the biggest star in golfing is getting honored by a man they hate. Instead of celebrating the moment, they raged like bitter losers.

“NBC Nightly News” correspondent Kristen Welker mentioned criticism over Trump’s decision to give Woods the Presidential Medal of Freedom despite still having a “flourishing career.”

The “Nightly News” broadcast then played a clip of Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson suggesting that the award was diminished…

CNN’s Jim Acosta likened Woods receiving the award to “somewhat of an advertisement” while noting that Woods and the Trump Organization have done business together in the past…

Armen Keteyian, who co-authored a biography about Woods, told CBS News the golfer deserved the award but added: “there’s no question there is a branding and a marketing opportunity through the eyes of the President.”

Even before Woods stepped into the Rose Garden, he was receiving criticism.

A Baltimore Sun editorial accused Woods of “embracing” Trump. [Source: Fox News]

This is a perfect example of how corrupt, dishonest, and pathetic our mainstream media has become. The press loved Tiger Woods—even when he was the subject of tabloid controversy. The athlete has been an icon in professional sports for years. Reporters have fought to interview him and cover his stellar career.

Winning the Masters, after years of being out of the spotlight, is one of those comeback stories the press swoons over. Tiger woods defied all the odds to become the biggest name in golfing—for a second time.

Few athletes can say that. And he’s brought renewed interested to the sport. Every media personality should be celebrating that achievement. On top of that, Tiger has received the highest honor a president can bestow on a civilian.

But what are the press doing? They are desperately trying to down-play this moment, accusing Trump of trying to “brand” himself with Tiger’s victory. As if Trump’s reputation is so tarnished, he needs Tiger to make him look good.

Sorry, scum bags, but Trump doesn’t need to improve anything. This man has scored the best economy the nation has ever seen. He’s made good on one promise after another. Trump has defied more than a few odds by bringing back jobs, crushing ISIS, slashing taxes, and eliminating wasteful regulation.

Trump is simply a winner, much like Tiger Woods. He doesn’t need Tiger’s branding to save his face.

The press, on the other hand, are pathetically trying to ignore or dismiss any victory of this White House. They can’t stand that a star like Tiger would not only be friends with Trump, but receive this great honor.

We call them “fake news” for a reason. And once again, the mainstream media lived up to that title.

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