There were many reasons to elect Donald Trump, but one will continue to have an impact for decades to come. Democrats can obstruct Trump’s efforts in Congress all they want. But thanks to his support in the Senate, he’s transforming the judicial system in ways that will be felt for many, many years. And the Democrats can’t do anything about it. He’s just done this to another court, causing liberals to quake in their boots.

The media made a big deal when Donald Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to replace retiring Justice Kennedy on the Supreme Court. For many years, the Supreme Court was a delicate balance between conservative justices and radical, left-wing liberals.

Justice Kennedy represented a “swing” vote, who often went back and forth to side with the conservatives and liberals. With him gone, it was a prime opportunity for Trump to secure a conservative majority on the highest court. He did that, with Kavanaugh, a long-time conservative who served former President Bush.

Democrats had a meltdown. I’m sure you remember the shocking and disgraceful attempts they made to slander Kavanaugh. It is a blackmark on their party that will stay forever.

But as they destroyed their credibility trying to prevent a conservative majority on the Supreme Court, Trump has been having an even bigger impact on our judicial system.

He’s already appointed over 100 judges to federal appeals courts. These courts take more cases than the Supreme Court and decide issues that will impact all Americans. He’s already flipped several courts from liberal to conservative. Now, he’s poised to do the same to New York’s court. And the liberals can’t stand it.

President Trump, who already has had a mammoth impact on America’s judicial system by appointing over 100 judges and flipping the Pennsylvania-based Third Circuit Court of Appeals to majority Republican appointees, is posed to flip another Circuit Court of Appeals: The Second Circuit. There are 13 Circuit Courts of Appeals in the U.S.

As Bloomberg Law reports, on Wednesday the Senate confirmed Joseph Bianco to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Another judge, Michael Park, is expected to be confirmed later this week. Bloomberg noted, “When Trump makes additional appointments for vacancies that will be left by two judges who recently announced their retirements, Dennis Jacobs and Christopher Droney, the 13-member court will be majority Republican-appointed.” [Source: Daily Wire]

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals has jurisdiction over the courts in Connecticut, New York, and Vermont. Meaning many cases that come out of deeply-liberal New York City will be decided by a now conservative federal court.

Many activist lawyers who try to abuse the court systems to push their left-wing agenda will slam into a roadblock. They will no longer be able to get judges to side with them, on the basis of politics.

Trump has already been transforming the infamous Ninth Circuit Court of San Francisco. It’s changed so much, its already ruled in his favor concerning asylum seekers at the border. Now another major liberal haven will have to contend with conservative judges.

As you can imagine, New York Democrat Chuck Schumer was not happy about this.

“Frankly, his principal qualification seems to be that he’s a card-carrying member of the Federalist Society … He’s an ideologue. He doesn’t have the kind of balance and integrity and compassion and understanding of both sides that any judge needs. It will be obvious to anyone who reviews his record that he lacks the breadth and objectivity that we prize in our judges.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Wah, wah, wah! That’s all Schumer can do. He has no power or authority to stop the president’s appointments, thanks to the Republican majority in the Senate. Schumer’s words are empty and dishonest. He is just pouting because his home state’s federal appeals court will no longer be hijacked by corrupt, New York lawyers.

In the coming years, Trump will have more opportunities to appoint judges with life-long seats to major courts. He might even have another chance of appointing a Supreme Court justice. All the Democrats can do is weep.

That’s a good feeling, right there.

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