Campaigns win or lose on the funds they are able to raise. Right now, over twenty Democrats are fighting for the White House. Numerous other seats in the House and Senate are up for grabs. Both parties are determined to win. But the numbers aren’t lying and it looks like one party has the upper hand when it comes to contributions.

Donations to political parties don’t determine who will ultimately win an election. We all remember that Hillary Clinton had an estimated $2 billion in 2016—but still lost to Donald Trump. But how much a party or campaign can raise—and from whom they raise it—tells a lot about the enthusiasm and determination of their base.

If a candidate is able to raise lots of cash, it suggests that there are millions of passionate supporters around the country. And, if they are willing to open their wallets, they’ll definitely show up at the polls on Election Day.

The reports are in and one party definitely has the fundraising edge over the other.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) raised a whopping $15.9 million in April, more than double the money the Democratic National Committee managed to raise the same month.

The Democratic Party’s key body raised just $6.6 million, according to new campaign finance data, even as the party is bracing for competitive 2020 elections, with the White House, House and Senate.

The disclosures reveal that the RNC has so far amassed a massive war chest totaling $34.7 million at the end of the month, while the DNC so far has $7.6 million on hand.

Not only Republicans are beating Democrats in total fundraising, the majority of donations to the RNC came from small donors who donated up to $200. According to the disclosures, nearly $9 million in donations came from such donors, while just over $4 million were from large donors. The rest of the fund came via other forms of contributions. [Source: Fox News]

Wow. Maybe the Democrats should just throw in the towel right now, save themselves some embarrassment.

Republicans raised more cash in April, much more, than the Democrats. Not only that, but they are way ahead of Democrats with their overall fundraising efforts.

What does that tell you? The same Americans that passionately elected Donald Trump are already eager to reelect him. So much so, that over a year before the election, they are shelling out cash so that he and his allies in the RNC will have the resources to beat the Democrats.

Even more important than the amount raised is where it’s from. Most of the money donated to the RNC came from small donors—no more than $200. To raise $9 million from just small donations means that millions of Americans are giving. Regular, everyday citizens like you and me are opening their wallets to make sure Trump continues his work.

That should make Democrats very worried.

Democrats have claimed to be the party of the working and middle classes for years. They used to represent everyday Americans. Liberals pretended to fight for your rights against the “cruel” upper classes.

Those days are long gone. Democrats have come to represent the wealthy elites of our society, the corrupt swamp that doesn’t care about you or your family. They bow to globalists and the super-rich, willing to sell out our communities to make their donors happy.

Americans know this, which is why millions of regular folks are giving to Donald Trump and the Republicans, not the Democrats.

We’ve seen how Trump has made good on just about every promise he made in 2016. America is doing so well, because of the hard work he’s done. He’s accomplished so much, in the face of unprecedented opposition, obstruction, and persecution.

He’s been able to transform our economy, while the left opposes him at every turn. Imagine what he could do, if he had a Congress that supported him!

The 2020 Election is still over a year away. We’re going to hear about all kinds of developments in the coming months. Eventually, the Democrats will have to pick the man who will try to oust Trump. But we already know the race is over.

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