Hollywood celebs have always considered themselves above the rest of us. This is especially true of their political views, where they expect us to blindly obey their demands. When Donald Trump became president, liberal celebs had a meltdown. It’s still continuing. One of the worst of them just posted a horrible wish for the president. She has yet to apologize.

Of all the evil, despicable, ugly, and un-American attacks made against President Trump and his supporters, the worst have come from celebrities. You might remember former comedian Kathy Griffith’s horrible severed head photo. That was only the tip of the iceberg.

Jim Carrey has posted hundreds of grotesque painting. Numerous bands and musicians have featured Trump or his family beaten or dead. On a daily basis, comedians, actors, and performers rant online about how evil Trump is and how they’d like to see him punished.

It all comes from their outrage that Americans rejected their demand to elect Crooked Hillary to the White House. How dare we think for ourselves and elect someone better than a corrupt career politician! How could we refuse to demands of our Hollywood overlords!

That is, how they think, after all. You just have to read their tweets to see their true colors.

One of the worst celebs to post rants against Trump is former singer Cher. The former actress/singer must have a lot of time on her hands. Because, instead of doing anything productive, the woman spends her time attacking the President of the United States. Her latest tweet set a new low, however, when she wished Trump would be raped in jail.

On Thursday, the hatred of Cher for President Trump exploded in a Vesuvius-hot tweet in which she apparently called for him to be sexually assaulted in prison, tweeting, “Been Giving IMPEACHMENT MUCH Thought Throughout The Day,& I Would *love* 2 See trump Impeached, Brought 2 Trial, *locked*

Up In *prison* & Toy Boy Big Bubba!! My Delight In Seeing trump Run Out Of Town On a Rail, Is More Likely *heart* over *brain*. I WANT WHAT’S BEST 4 DEMOCRATS AND DEMOCRACY.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Woah. You can really see Trump Derangement Syndrome going into full affect here. Everything we’ve seen recently indicates Trump will not be impeached. Mueller’s report was a dud. There is no evidence for Democrats to use to impeach him. Plus, Mitch McConnell promised Senate would kill the measure immediately.

Democrats who are still dreaming that Trump will be impeached and sentenced to jail are living in a fantasy world. But for Cher to go further than that and wish the man be sexually assaulted in jail? What has Trump ever done to her?

President Trump has helped strengthen the economy like few others. Millions of Americans are working and earning more than ever before. He’s significantly improved the lives of hard-working families, families who struggled during Obama’s eight years.

For that, Cher wants Trump impeached, jailed, and raped by criminals.

Of course, the foolish celeb deleted the tweet, but did not apologize.

After blowback ensued, Cher then deleted the tweet, but her subsequent tweet indicated she had no intention to apologize, adding:

This is Not Apology,It’s a Cher ‘wtf Moment’.Dont Usually Delete My Twts,But Sometimes I Need 2 Check Myself.What I Thought Of As Stupid Joke’On Paper’,Went 2 Far.Think trump Belongs In Jail,but Big Bubba Joke Was Wrong.If I Twt,I Have a Responsibility. THERES IS A LINE NOT 2 *cross*.

In a series of tweets punctuated by a relentless use of emojis, Cher went on a Trump hating odyssey, writing that he was a racist anti-Semite, a dictator, and a “thug who’ll do anything to win.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Really hard to prove Trump’s an anti-Semite, when he’s done so much for Israel. But since when have facts and proof ever mattered to Democrats? Trump can single-handedly solve all of America’s problems. Cher and the left will still call him Hitler.

This is why you never give these leftists an inch. Never expect them to play fair or respect the rule of law. They will always knock you down, kick you while you’re down, and spit on you when you try to get up.

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