Speaking at a conference on Thursday, CNN personality Don Lemon openly wondered how long he could continue in his current job, blaming supporters of President Donald Trump for a toxic political environment.

Because, you know, the current political climate had nothing to do with eight years of Barack Obama, his supporters, and the media declaring that all conservatives with different viewpoints have to be racist.

Nope. It’s all Trump’s fault.

Lemon, whom Trump has labeled the “dumbest man on television,” said the president’s mean words “take a toll on me, on my privacy and safety and security, and the safety and security of my family.”

“I don’t know if it’s worth this level of toxicity,” he told the crowd at the Financial Times’ Future of News conference in New York City. “I’m 10 years older than when he rode down the escalator in July 2015,” Lemon then joked.

Lemon also relayed a particularly alarming encounter in which he alleges someone came up to him in a park and said, “We built this country. I can’t wait for CNN to fire your black a**, you ******.”

Absolutely reprehensible.

It’s worth noting, however, that if a Trump supporter ever alleged a liberal had harassed him in a park, CNN would have conducted an investigation and “fact check” on the story, then doxxed the victim. Wonder if they’ll look into Lemon’s claims with a little more scrutiny?

Will he move on? “I wonder how long I will continue to do this particular job in the way I do it,” Lemon lamented — but he did add the disclaimer, “It ain’t easy, but I don’t plan to give up.”

Ever the warrior.

The CNN host later appeared on Chris Cuomo’s show and said his own words at the conference were, well … fake news.

“I’m not going anywhere,” he said. “I love being here ever single night … don’t believe the headlines.”

Lemon wonders how long he can do what he’s doing, complains Trump supporters have made his life miserable, references “this particular job” — then whines that the media are spreading false rumors about his wanting to leave.

You spread them yourself, Don.

Lemon may want to consider the tale of those “in glass houses,” in our view, when it comes to blaming the president for a toxic environment. We don’t condone the harassment, but Lemon has certainly made some toxic remarks of his own over the years.

Lemon’s track record:

“Don Lemon is a lightweight — dumb as a rock,” the president wrote in August 2016.

Lemon is now a hypocrite as well, urging leftists to harass Republicans and making racist comments against Trump supporters — then complaining when he gets harassed and hit with racist comments.

Maybe it is time to move on, Don.

Author: The Political Insider Staff

Source: Life Zette: Don Lemon of CNN Hints He May Move On, Blames Trump

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