Democrats panicked when Donald Trump threatened Mexico with tariffs, if they didn’t help at the border. To the left’s surprise, Mexico announced they would cooperate and a huge deal was signed. Unwilling to admit defeat, the fake news tried to undercut the historic agreement. President Trump fired back, even teasing another big deal was a part of the agreement.

Ah, the pathetic fake news. Once upon a time, the newspapers and networks now branded as fake were once real sources for news and information. But today, in the Age of Trump, outlets like CNN and the New York Times only provide anti-Trump propaganda. They are no longer in the business of delivering news, but providing hate content for their overly-liberal audience.

(Probably why most liberals are so dumb and uninformed.)

This week, the New York Times tried to slam Trump’s historic border deal with Mexico with an article entitled, “Mexico Agreed to Take Border Actions Months Before Trump Announced Tariff Deal.” It’s more fake news to rob Trump of his success with the tariff threat. The border crisis has been raging for almost a year. The U.S. has called on Mexico to help on their side of the border. Mexico has done nothing.

Then, Trump threatened heavy tariffs if they did not comply. Suddenly, a massive deal was reached where Mexico will do much, much more to end the ongoing caravan crisis.

But we’re supposed to believe the New York Times’ shady article, which suggests Trump did nothing.

So, even when Trump scores a victory, the fake news pretends like it’s no big deal. Pathetic.

President Trump slammed the NYT over their fake news story.

When will the Failing New York Times admit that their front page story on the new Mexico deal at the Border is a FRAUD and nothing more than a badly reported “hit job” on me, something that has been going on since the first day I announced for the presidency! Sick Journalism [Source: Twitter]

The agreement Mexico signed with the U.S. is significant. They will send 6,000 of their troops to their Southern border to prevent more caravans from entering. They will also build more detention centers for illegal aliens who enter their country. In addition, they froze the bank accounts of numerous suspected traffickers who have aided the migrant crisis.

These are significant efforts to reduce the massive number of migrants who continue to bombard our Southern border. While Congress continues to obstruct efforts to finish the wall and reform our immigration laws, we need the cooperation of Mexico to reduce this crisis.

President Trump also mentioned an additional deal with Mexico America has been seeking for a long time, but could only strike until now.

We have fully signed and documented another very important part of the Immigration and Security deal with Mexico, one that the U.S. has been asking about getting for many years. It will be revealed in the not too distant future and will need a vote by Mexico’s Legislative body!.. [Source: Twitter]

Trump is leaving us in suspense as to what this agreement might be. Perhaps Mexico is finally agreeing to fund the border wall. Maybe this deal will include cash to secure the rest of Trump’s promised big, beautiful wall. For a long time, Trump has vowed that Mexico would pay for the wall. But Mexican leaders strong refused.

Perhaps the tariff threat made it clear that funding a border wall was better than getting hit with massive tariffs and losing American business?

Whatever this deal is, we will be hearing about it very soon. It will be yet another win added to this president’s list.

Not that the fake news will ever admit it. Have you ever seen a president so successful, yet so hated by his own country’s media?

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