This new plan is just what our overworked border officials needed!

The situation at our border continues to worsen, as our overworked authorities are desperate for help.

The startling increase in asylum seekers has bogged down operations at the border, and the courts have been pushed to their breaking point.

There are simply too many incoming individuals to process.

However, the Donald Trump administration has a solution for expediting the asylum requests, and alleviating that growing stress.

Basically, it involves setting up temporary “immigration courts” at border checkpoints.

It would give authorities and asylum seekers an “express” immigration hearing, according to a report from CNN and a Trump administration official:

“Site assessments have been completed for almost all the ports of entry to determine where such temporary immigration courts, described by sources as “soft-sided,” would be needed…

The facilities could be used to conduct hearings via video teleconference, which has previously been used by immigration courts elsewhere in the country.”

In each of the past three months, the number of detained migrants topped 100,000.

Furthermore, we’re running out of ways of holding these detained individuals; for now, most are held in border patrol facilities for 21 days (the max time allowed by law).

Then they’re given a court date and released into the U.S.

The problem with this is that many don’t bother to return for that court date, and most are never found and deported.

It’s a failed system, and part of the reason is because we simply can’t process these people with any accuracy or efficiency.

These temporary courts could be the answer.

As for those who are returned to Mexico to await their court hearings:

“Migrants who are sent to Mexico to await their court hearings return to the US through a port of entry along the southern border to then be transported to their hearing.

The temporary courts would allow migrants to have their hearings near or at the port, rather than being bussed miles away, said the official.”

It’s definitely a step in the right direction as far as efficiency and speed is concerned.

Of course, this still doesn’t solve the overall problem; it’s merely a legal Band-Aid.

But for now, it could work well … and while it’s being implemented, Trump can continue to work on stemming the endless tide of asylum seekers.

Mexico seems to be doing their part thus far, deploying 6,000 National Guard members to their own border.

So, things are looking up — but don’t you agree that the Trump administration needs to push even HARDER for better border security?

Author: Ben Dutka

Source: Patriot Journal: After Border Authorities Beg For Immediate Help, President Trump Leaps Into Action

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