New York’s latest law is so ridiculous that an upstate New York clerk is refusing to abide by it. Erie County Clerk Michael Kearns has expressed fierce criticism for the new legislation that was signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo earlier this week. This new law allows undocumented migrants to apply for drivers’ licenses and Kearns is saying he “will not be granting drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants.”

According to WIVB in Buffalo, Kearns sent a letter to attorney Michael Siragusa on Tuesday asking for representation in a lawsuit over the legislation in federal court, Siragusa did not immediately respond to requests for comment. WIVB reported that a spokesperson for the attorney said the letter had been delivered, and that he “will be reviewing the request to make a determination on any potential action.”

The troubling law makes New York the 13th state to authorize driver’s licenses for immigrants who have entered the U.S. illegally. Some feel that this is wrong because it acts as a reward for those who broke the law by sneaking into the country. Kearns is not only one of those people, but he also believes that this state law breaks overarching federal immigration laws. “After a review of the act, I am convinced that it is inconsistent with federal law,” Kearns wrote in the letter. “More importantly, however, complying with the act puts me and other county clerks in the untenable position of having to decide whether to uphold federal law or the newly enacted state law. I anticipate being sued in either event.”

When speaking with WIVB, Kearns made suggestions that the bill may be a violation of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, which would make it illegal to knowingly hire illegal immigrants.

Kearns also told the media outlet he has hopes that the law will get thrown out prior to going into effect as is currently scheduled in December. He added that he will not follow the law if it does take effect. When asked if he is prepared to lose his position if he doesn’t comply with the law Kearns told the television station, “He [Governor Cuomo] has the power. However, through my research, working through my legal team, we have to be charged. There has to be some charges, and I get to answer those charges. It’s almost one of those things we’re preparing for. I hope it doesn’t happen.”

Gov. Cuomo’s support for the bill has recently appeared to shift however, as he expressed concerns that the U.S. immigration officials could potentially use state license information to locate immigrants for deportation. The governor asked for a legal review by the office of Attorney General Letitia James, who said she supports the bill but wouldn’t speculate on the federal response.

Supporters of the bill include the state Business Council and immigrant advocates who think licenses would help immigrants get jobs. Republican lawmakers, the only sane party left, argue that illegal immigrants shouldn’t be rewarded for violating the rules.

Kearns stand is very important in the fight against the irrational Dems. who look to ruin the country one step at a time.

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