President Donald Trump has said that The New York Times, the leading newspaper of The Resistance, colluded with the FBI against him.

“Just revealed that the Failing and Desperate New York Times was feeding false stories about me, & those associated with me, to the FBI.

“This shows the kind of unprecedented hatred I have been putting up with for years with this Crooked newspaper. Is what they have done legal?

“This Russia Collusion Hoax was perpetrated in part by people inside the government, and in part by a compliant (Fake News) media.” Mollie Hemingway.

“@TuckerCarlson @foxandfriends The facts are starting to pour out. Stay tuned!” he said in a series of tweets on Friday.

The Washington Examiner reported that The Times was giving stories about the president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner to the FBI to investigate.

“Wanted to flag you on something. Three of my colleagues are working on a story about the Russia investigation,” Times reporter Michael Schmidt said to FBI Assistant Director for Public Affairs Michael Kortan in a letter.

“They’re told that Jared Kushner is among the individuals who the F.B.I. is scrutinizing for their meetings with Russians,” he said.

“My colleagues were told that Ambassador Kislyak, after meeting Kushner and General Flynn in early December at Trump Tower, set up a meeting with Kushner and a Russian banker.

“Kushner ultimately met with the Russian banker. The banker worked for Alpha Bank. Thanks. Mike,” he said in the letter dated March 24, 2017.

That letter was then forwarded to the infamous agent Peter Strzok, and it was not the first time Strzok colluded with the media.

Strzok and Page had an email exchange on April 10, 2017 in which they talked about getting a preview of a Times report.

“The editing is nearing completion and we have one last shot to hear what the end result is,” was said in the email titled “NYT Last Shot.”

“Do you have time later today or tomorrow that is convenient for a listening session? Likely by phone in Mike’s office,” it said.

Author: Carmine Sabia

Source: The Federalist Papers: BREAKING, Proof New York Times Colluded With FBI Against Trump

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