This idea is…amazing.

As you know, Trump has brought to light the recent surge in immigration from Central American countries.

These asylum seekers are travelling through Mexico to make their way into the United States.

But they have a problem now…

After President Trump passed the “Remain in Mexico” program back in January, Central American asylum-seekers are required to wait in Mexico until that status is granted.

While this might temporarily fix the problem, it really just delays the issue until later. Now we have a large amount of people waiting around in Mexico – many of them with no money to go back home.

Thankfully an airline in Mexico is changing all of that.

From News18:

A Mexican airline is offering one-dollar flights to undocumented migrants wishing to return to Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala, as the country struggles to curb arrivals from Central America.

$1 flights – what a deal!

Volaris airline has said that starting on June 30th, it will begin the “Reuniting Families Program.”

I’m sure many of these families were sold a lie and many were hoping for something that wasn’t there.

Now they have a hope. Flying your whole family back home for a few dollars is about the best offer they will ever get. The United States can only take in so many refugees before we must stop the flow and take care of our own.

Once we have things under control, then we can begin helping outsiders again. But, it does nobody any good if the rescuers ends up sinking themselves trying to help.

Thank you Volaris and thank you President Trump for trying to find solutions to this problem!

Author: Matt Thompson

Source: Patriot Journal: After Spike In Central American Immigrants – Mexican Airline Offers Them $1 Flights To Go Back Home

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