After Trump hit Congress with a big ultimatum, both houses scrambled to pass border funding. While the Senate scored a big win with a major funding package, Pelosi’s House Democrats tried to sneak in a ton of bad ideas. They tried to undermine Trump’s goal of enforcing our border. But, once again, the left failed.

President Trump, despite epic opposition, is making progress at the border. Major parts of the wall are being built—with older fencing being replaced and upgraded. He sent National Guard troops to support Border Patrol. He’s even gotten Mexico to step up their efforts in a major way.

The only holdout to securing our border and ending the massive caravan crisis has been Congress. Democrats refused to do anything to stop the constant flow of migrants to our border. They do not want the wall or stricter immigration rules. According to many 2020 candidates, they even want to decriminalize illegal immigration.

So, Trump dropped a hammer on them: either make a deal or ICE will deport millions of illegal aliens.

Panicked, Democrats in Congress agreed to pass funding for the border. Yet even then, they tried to undermine our national security. Pelosi and House Democrats tried to force measures in their bill that would weaken our immigration enforcement, give asylum seekers more power, and make it harder for the government to protect the border.

The very opposite of what we need and want.

Pelosi got a rude awakening, though, when the Senate—by a vote 84 to 8—passed a funding measure with no such “poison pills.” That incredible show of bipartisan support for Trump forced Pelosi to do something. I guess she had no choice.

A coalition of moderate Democrats and Republicans approved crucial border funding legislation late Thursday in the House, sending the $4.6 billion bill to President Trump’s desk for his expected signature — after Speaker Nancy Pelosi backed down from a push to include restrictions on immigration enforcement that could have scuttled the measure…

But the speaker agreed to bring the bipartisan Senate-passed bill to a vote, without such restrictions, following intense pressure from Republicans and moderates in her own party. The Senate had demonstrated that bipartisan support by approving the bill 84-8 a day earlier, after rejecting an earlier House version…

The bill passed 305-102. [Source: Fox News]

It’s been so hard to get support for Trump’s immigration plans, because Democrats in Congress simply don’t care. For over two years, we’ve seen the situation at the border get worse. Since the caravans started coming, every expert has called it a crisis.

Democrats, though, kept ignoring it. Remember, Pelosi shut down the government in January to prevent funding for the border. Time and again, Trump has offered deals to fix the crisis. And the left’s rejected it.

Why are they willing to do something all of a sudden? Because once again, Trump had to act. Fearing mass deportations of illegal aliens already in the country, Democrats were forced to provide funding to address the border crisis.

I guess that’s the only way these clowns get anything done. President Trump has to use the nuclear option, just to wake them up. These corrupt crooks in D.C. would rather waste time and money on useless subpoenas and empty accusations of “collusion” than deal with a growing problem.

We also know that Democrats have been encouraging illegal immigration for years, because they think these newcomers will vote for them. They have degraded the national security and economic stability of this country (not to mention rob blue collar Americans of jobs), just to they can will elections. Pathetic.

But all that is changing. Donald Trump is fixing a problem that has existed for years. And he’s done the impossible: get Democrats to support his vision.

Pelosi might not be happy about it, but the rest of us are.

Wow, is there anything Donald Trump can’t do?

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