All the bickering among Democrats in D.C. has taken ample attention from the left’s 2020 candidates. It has also seemed to drain enthusiasm for Democrats among protentional supporters. We’re no-where close to the election and already major candidates are running out of funds. Meanwhile, Trump’s team just announced a massive haul.

You might be wondering why Donald Trump blasted Democrat women in Congress. This is one possible reason why. All the attention the media has placed on AOC and her cronies—not to mention the ongoing feud they wage against their own party—has made many forget about the 20+ candidates running for president.

Just a few weeks ago, all the mainstream media outlets were talking about these major candidates, whom they believed could take down Trump. Now, all we hear from them is this fight between freshman congresswomen (who are polling very low) and Trump’s “go back home” remarks.

The result? Of the 20+ liberals fighting to get the Democratic nomination, only a handful will actually make it through the summer. Why? Because people have stopped caring about them and their funds have run out.

New financial disclosures show that 11 liberal contenders for the Oval Office are operating their campaigns at a deficit, having spent more money than campaign donations could support. Eight more have less than $1 million on hand. More than five months from 2020, only the front-runners have the financial means to go much further.

“This is the doomsday scenario for a lot of campaigns, where they’re grasping for air to keep their campaigns alive and to live another day,” said Washington Democrat strategist Andrew Feldman. “You can’t build an organization. You can’t build an operation that turns enthusiasm into votes without having resources to do it.” [Source: Breitbart]

It’s still pretty early in the primary cycle. Democrats have only held one round of debates. Yet already the many contenders who thought they could topple Trump have no money in the coffers.

All of these people claimed they were better for the country than Donald Trump. They all took turns bashing the man who is making America great again—some of them did it in Spanish! Yet only five of them—just five!—have the means to limp along through the summer.

That’s pretty embarrassing if you ask me. Fundraising is hugely important. Not only does it enable a campaign to keep going, but it indicates the level of excitement voters have for a candidate. After all, if you’re opening your wallet for someone, you really want them to win.

I guess there aren’t enough Americans eager to get one of these clowns into the White House.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump just made a stunning announcement about his team’s fundraising. In the second quarter of this year, they’ve brought in a whopping $100 million.

The Trump campaign in coordination with the Republican National Committee (RNC) raised more than $100 million in the second quarter, the president’s re-election campaign announced Monday…

The fundraising haul came largely through small donors. The Trump campaign said they received roughly 957,000 individual donations, with over 98% being $200 or less. The average donation was $41.48. [Source: Daily Caller]

Woah. Not only did Trump bring in over $100 million (in just the second quarter), but most of those donations came from small donors. Why is that crucial? Because Trump’s campaign isn’t being funded by deep pocket elitists.

He’s not dependent on powerful donors from Hollywood or big business. That means he will never have to bow to their whims. Trump is getting cash from regular Americans like you and me. He will always put our interests first.

This also tells us how enthusiastic Americans are about President Trump. Think about it, he raised over $100 million with donations averaging $40. That’s a lot of Americans opening their wallets!

As the media and liberals bicker over AOC and Pelosi, patriots are making sure Trump has the money to make it all the way to 2020. That should have his left-wing candidates very worried.

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