She said it with her own mouth – couldn’t keep it quiet for long!

Ilhan Omar has been feuding with Donald Trump lately. The left-wing Democrat accused the president of spreading attacks against her.

What did Trump really do? He questioned the congresswoman’s loyalty to America. Because, honestly sister, we have our doubts.

Omar is a Muslim refugee who fled Somalia for a better life in America. Yet as a congresswoman, what has she done to show she is loyal to America?

And now a video has surfaced that has her Somalia skeleton crashing out.

From Twitter:

LISTEN CLOSELY to @IlhanMN freudian slip here when she got back to MSP last night.

So does she identify as an American or a Somalian?

What say you? Plz share your Point of View

Woah. In the video, Omar clearly is about to call Somalia, “her country.” Not the U.S.A.?

Is this just a slip of the tongue—or a “Freudian” slip, where is unconsciously was admitting how she really feels?

We know this woman has called Americans “ignorant.”

And she just introduced a bill that would allow Americans to boycott the one Jewish state in the world.

Omar is an ally of AOC and her “squad” of Democratic socialist. They want to speak for you and impose their far-left views onto our country.

Views and policies that would erase our prosperity, eliminate jobs, create massive tax burdens, and put us last in the world.

And that’s not even scratching the surface of Omar’s questionable, personal affairs.

This video sheds a little more light on Omar’s allegiance. Is she an American or a Somalian? Does she support this country or another?

Does she really love America – the way our President does?

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: After Omar Has ‘Freudian’ Slip-Up – Her Somalia Skeleton Comes Crashing Out

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