For nearly a year, our Southern border has been bombarded by migrants seeking entry into the United States. The situation has turned into a humanitarian crisis, as hundreds of thousands of people are demanding entry. Those that don’t want to wait are sneaking in illegally. But a new rule by the Trump administration will send many of these asylum seekers heading back home.

In light of the crisis at the border, Congress has done virtually nothing. They only recent passed a bill to provide some funds (none for the wall) after Trump forced them with an ultimatum. But the problems at our border continue. Hundreds of thousands of migrants are demanding asylum. There isn’t enough room in detention centers to hold them. Obama’s old rules have many of them (including ones that crossed over illegally) to be released into our communities.

Without the border wall and immigration reform, there is little the president can do to end this crisis once and for all. He’s gotten the cooperation of Mexico and other nations. They are doing more to address the crisis than Congress. He’s sent National Guard troops to assist Border agents. And, despite massive resistance from the left, he’s building his 30-foot wall.

While all that will slow migrant caravans over time, we still have a huge number of people at our border, demanding entry. Instead of coming into America through the front door (legally), they are trying to slip in by claiming to be a victim. This has allowed many entry into our country who would have otherwise been denied.

But Trump’s attorney general just passed a new rule that will deny the vast majority of these so-called victims.

Attorney General William Barr ruled Monday that being a member of a family harassed by gangs is not enough to qualify for asylum…

In a ruling that will likely block a large number of immigrants from lodging successful asylum claims moving forward, Barr overturned a previous decision made by Board of Immigration Appeals…

The White House’s top lawyer argued that the decision by the Board of Immigration Appeals was too broad, making it so that “virtually every alien” could make an asylum claim under such conditions…

Barr said that, while there can be specific situations when belonging to a prominent family can suffice, such a broad standard cannot be applied automatically. [Source: Daily Caller]

The Board of Immigration Appeals bent the meaning of “social group” to be any nuclear family. It effectively changes our asylum rules so that anyone can claim to be threatened—with no proof or validity to their claim.

It was like rolling out the red carpet for anyone to walk into the U.S., our immigration laws be damned.

Under that ruling, a family or individual could claim to be threatened by gang violence and be considered on the same level as a social group being threatened by genocide or war. It’s clear this left-leaning board was bending the rules to allow everyone into our country seeking asylum.

If that’s the case, then why have immigration laws at all? Why even have a border? Why bother pretending like our citizens come first—if the Board of Immigration Appeals is going to let anyone in, who says the right thing?

The tough fact remains that you’re not entitled to come here, just because you claim to be a victim. There are thousands of families who wait years to come here, because they are following the laws. Yet migrants from South America get the red-carpet treatment? They don’t even have to prove that their stories are true.

AG Barr’s new rule will close this obvious loophole and potentially eliminate a big magnet for migrants. People coming to American simply for economic reasons won’t be able to claim they are the victims of gang violence. It will bring some rule of law back to a region shook by chaos.

But don’t be fooled, Democrats will try to find a way to block this. I’m sure they are already preparing lawsuits so that Barr’s rule will be overturned. They will spend a ton of money to make sure illegals are treated better in this country than American citizens.

Because in the end, they don’t really care about Americans.

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