Democrats are still digging themselves out from under the rubble of Robert Mueller’s catastrophic appearance for congressional testimony last week and looking for new angles to topple President Trump.

Chairman Jerrold Nadler has announced that he is going after secret grand jury testimony from the Mueller witch hunt, information that has historically been protected from public release in order to protect the reputations of the innocent.

Nadler along with his fellow Judiciary Committee zealots held a presser to announce their intentions to file a 53-page document in federal court for access to grand jury evidence from the Mueller probe.

No matter that it is illegal to release this information – not even Attorney General William Barr would be able to – the arsonists in the House are hoping that they will have better luck in court where an Obama appointed activist judge will cut a swath through the law to keep their impeachment mania alive.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) announced Friday that his committee is filing an application in court to obtain the grand jury material underlying former special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference and possible obstruction of justice by President Trump.

Nadler said that the panel is seeking the material in order to decide whether to recommend articles of impeachment against Trump — perhaps the Democratic chairman’s most significant and public acknowledgment that his committee is considering impeachment as a possibility.

“Because Department of Justice policies will not allow prosecution of the sitting president, the United States House of Representatives is the only institution of the federal government that can now vote President Trump accountable for these actions,” Nadler said at a press conference Friday afternoon, quoting from the application his committee was about to file in court.

“To do so, the House must have access to all the relevant facts and consider whether to exercise its full Article I powers, including a constitutional duty power of the utmost gravity — recommendation of articles of impeachment. That duty calls in the first instance to the House Committee on the Judiciary,” he continued.

The case was filed in the Washington, D.C., District Court Friday afternoon

Nadler was feted by the likes of Clinton loyalist George Stephanopolous on Sunday morning when he discussed his unprecedented onslaught against the U.S. judicial system.

To say that the former special counsel’s performance didn’t live up to the intense hype is the mother of all understatements; rather it was an abject disaster for Democrats who were hoping to appeal to a national television audience with Mueller himself citing his report.

But the plans to dramatize the 448-page cure for insomnia that was the Mueller Report blew up spectacularly when it quickly became clear that the exalted avenger was pretty much clueless of what was in it himself and appeared to be borderline senile.

Now the porcine New Yorker who has a decades-long ax to grind with Trump is willing to set a precedent that will have grave consequences for every American who goes before a grand jury in the future for the sake of settling a political score.

Mark Levin put it best when he said that Nadler would have been a good commissar in the old Soviet Union:

Just because Mueller flopped doesn’t mean that these fanatics are finished.

Author: Chris Donaldson

Source: I Love My Freedom: After Mueller Disaster, Nadler Unveils New Plan To Bring Down Trump

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