Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, appeared on the Democratic debate stage last night. This Clinton ally and far-left mayor wants you to help him become the next President of the United States. He thinks his leadership is superior to Trump’s and every other Democratic running. But a group of cops outside the event hall told a different story. And they exposed de Blasio’s record of terrible leadership.

New York is one of largest cities in the country. For a long time, it thrived, thanks to strong conservative leadership. Mayor Rudy Giuliani helped transform the city from a den of filth and crime, into a modern metropolis. He even led the city through one of the darkest periods of American history, the aftermath of 9/11.

After him, Bloomberg took over. He led the city like a fiscally responsible leader should. Even during Superstorm Sandy, he made sure residents were safe and back to work at record speed.

My, how things have changed. After over twenty years of conservative leadership, a left-wing liberal took over. And the city when to hell.

Bill de Blasio’s record in New York is terrible. His leadership is so bad, he had to run for president just to distract from his failures. Although he has little support for his campaign and is polling low, he appeared at last night’s debate. But so did a group of police officers from the NYPD. And they were outside the event hall, educating the country of de Blasio’s record.

NYPD cops turned out Wednesday to protest New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s appearance at the 2020 Democratic primary debate, calling on him to get back to the Big Apple, negotiate with the men and women in blue, and “finish the job that he ran for.”

“Can’t run the city, can’t run the country,” roughly 20 New York officers chanted outside the Fox Theatre in Detroit…

The cops, who traveled from New York, told Fox News that they had been out of contract for almost two years with no raise to speak of, and that de Blasio wanted to give them raises that were well below inflation. The protest was organized by the New York City Police Benevolent Association (PBA) which represents 24,000 rank-and-file officers.

“We’re here to tell our mayor that he should come back and finish the job that he ran for,” Officer Joseph Alejandro told Fox News. “He ran to be the mayor of New York City and now he’s doing this run, we don’t know why but he’s got a lot of unfinished work in this city and one of those things is he should be negotiating with us.” [Source: Fox News]

The NYPD is the vital force that keeps New York running. Without these hard-working men and women, the city would be in chaos. The health and well-being of New York’s cops is a direct indicator of the success of the city.

And the city’s cops hate Mayor de Blasio. He is the first mayor in a long time that actually refuses to support and work to help the police.

Whenever the police faced hardships and criticism, the mayor refused to defend them. They condemned him in 2017, during the funeral of a slain cop. He sat by as cops were assaulted by civilians with buckets of water.

He consistently attacks and slanders his own police force—accusing them of wrongdoing.

And now we learn he refuses to negotiate with them, securing their much-needed raises. That is not what a good, competitant mayor does. These men came all the way to Detroit just to call out de Blasio’s terrible disrespect for the NYPD.

Imagine if this clown actually became president! It would be worse than Obama, who consistently slandered and insulted our nation’s police. De Blasio would be a train wreck, ruining our economy and national security—just as he did in NYC.

These police officers are speaking for the entire city when they denounced de Blasio. But the sad reality is, none of the left’s candidates are any better. They are a group of self-centered socialists who want to plunder America’s wealth to make themselves rich and powerful.

Listen to the cops: these candidates are no good.

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