Last night, Donald Trump hosted a campaign rally in Cincinnati, OH. Once again, he spoked to a packed-out stadium of passionate supporters. President Trump called out the Democrats for their terrible record—accusing them of wasting billions, whiling letting one crucial region of our country crumble. And he unveiled a plan that would turn it all around.

It was yet another huge turnout for President Trump. As the media and left-wing pundits claim the country is turning on the POTUS, the plain facts prove otherwise.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a single Democratic candidate running today that can muster than kind of enthusiasm. Let alone pack out a stadium like Trump.

Trump spoke to the crowd of swing-state voters, calling out the devastating results of Democratic leadership across the country. He pointed out major liberal hubs that are falling apart, overrun with filth, and crushed by poverty. Trump accused the Democrats of spending billions and billions, but still leaving the inner cities of America behind.

“No one has paid a higher price for the far-left destructive agenda than Americans living in our nation’s inner cities,” Trump said. “We send billions and billions and billions for years and years and it’s stolen money, and it’s wasted money.”

“The homicide rate in Baltimore is significantly higher than El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala,” Trump said, before joking: “I believe it’s higher than Afghanistan.”

“The conditions in [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi’s once-great city of San Francisco are deplorable,” he said later. “Do you remember the word ‘deplorable’? Do you remember when Hillary [Clinton] used the word ‘deplorable’? She used two words: deplorable and irredeemable.”

“Look at Los Angeles, with the tents, and the horrible, horrible disgusting conditions,” Trump added. [Source: Fox News]

One of those “disgusting conditions” in Los Angeles includes an estimated one million rats, which experts say are carrying Medieval-era diseases. The homeless situation in Democrat cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland is out of control. It is hitting crisis levels.

And that doesn’t even begin to describe the problems in Chicago, Baltimore, and New York. Crime is on the rise in these Democrat-run cities. Gun violence is trending upward, housing is a mess, and education is in the toilet.

These also all happen to be sanctuaries for illegal immigrants.

It’s a crime that America’s once-prosperous cities are now wastelands. No corner of the United States should suffer in such conditions. But as Democrats claim they are the party of the people, they take billions of tax dollars… and do nothing to help.

You have to wonder why anyone keeps voting for people who sit by and watch their cities crumble? Why is Elijah Cummings a 20+ year congressman, when his district looks like a war-torn country? Why does the media praise Nancy Pelosi, when San Francisco is overrun with homeless shanty towns?

They continue to ignore the many problems of their own districts. Yet they accuse Trump of not working to help Americans? They must be taking crazy pills.

During the Ohio rally, Trump proposed a solution that would turn inner cities around for sure. But one that require Democrats to actually do their job.

“Today, I have a simple proposal for Democrat leaders to support legislation to end illegal migration, and we will use the vast savings to rebuild our inner cities,” Trump said. “That’s the way we should be doing it.” [Source: Fox News]

President Trump wants to use the billions we’ll save after ending illegal migration to fix our inner cities. This is a brilliant plan and one that would work—so naturally, the Democrats will oppose it.

America would save huge sums of cash by ending the flow of illegals into our country. Those “undocumented” migrants are a burden on our health care system, education system, and other forms of welfare. The jobs they take from Americans (jobs for which they don’t pay taxes) contribute to an overall decline in U.S. wealth. Especially when you consider they send back billions to their home countries.

Imagine if we used that wealth to rebuild our crumbling cities? Repair roads and homes? Clean up communities and get out the crime? Encourage businesses to invest with jobs? The lives of millions could be changed.

But I guess that’s only a fantasy, huh? While men like Cummings are still in power.

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