Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats flew to Guatemala to promise that country security and prosperity. It would have been nice if they had done the same for West Virginia or Baltimore in this country, but then again, Americans are not their base constituency, illegal aliens are. Pelosi made the claim that her trip was bipartisan. The only Republican on the trip is the representative of American Samoa, a non-voting member of the House, who probably accepted because it was an all-expense-paid free trip. Pelosi is bitter because the government of Guatemala cut a deal with President Trump that severely curtailed the number of illegal aliens traveling to our border.

Nancy Pelosi and a delegation of Democrat lawmakers are currently in Central America visiting future voters.

Pelosi promised the people of Guatemala economic opportunity and security.

When was the last time Pelosi and her cohorts traveled to West Virginia or Mississippi to promise economic opportunity?

The bipartisan(**) delegation is traveling to the Northern Triangle this week to renew their commitment to helping the people of Central America.

Democrats are actively campaigning in Central America.


Pelosi called the delegation “bipartisan” because American Samoa Rep. Aumua Amata Coleman Radewagen, a Republican, tagged along with the other Democrats for the tour of Central America.

Author: Steven Ahle

Source: David Harris Jr: Pelosi and Democrats Go to Guatemala to Recruit New Voters

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