Democrats running for president are feverishly trying to raise support. Without a consistent influx of cash, their campaigns are as good as over. Most of them are already in the red, with no hope in sight. Meanwhile, Trump’s fundraising machine is not only pulling in big bucks, but it has radically transformed a decades-old trend. Democrats should be doubly worried.

President Donald Trump is not a man who likes to “take it easy.” Ever since he was inaugurated in 2017, he’s been working on his re-election campaign. The biggest tactic, of course, has been winning again and again for the American people. His track record of success is his biggest incentive for voters in 2020.

But he’s also been fundraising for the last two years. His campaign and various GOP PACs have not wasted any time. They’ve been reaching out to Americans, building support all this time. The result? He has over $230 million in his re-election war chest. That’s more than all the 2020 Democrats combined.

What’s even more spectacular is the fact that most of Trump’s donors aren’t big, powerful elites from the East or West Coast. Trump is running his re-election campaign, not thanks to rich donors who will try to control his administration. No, the Trump Train is running on donations from regular people like you and me. He’s gotten so much “grassroots” support, he’s changed the GOP forever.

The Republican Party has long been panned by its detractors as the party of big money and big donors — but donation patterns have changed measurably under President Trump, a Fox News analysis of campaign finance data shows.

Sixty-one percent of money raised directly by the Trump campaign this election cycle came from small donors (donations under $200), according to Federal Election Commission figures…

And this is dramatically higher than previous Republican nominees. Mitt Romney raised 26 percent of his direct contributions from small donations in 2012, and John McCain raised 25 percent from small donations in 2008. [Source: Fox News]

This should have Democrats very, very worried. For decades, they’ve accused Republicans of only caring about the rich and powerful. Democrats have coasted into office by convincing Americans they are the party of the regular people and conservatives only care about big business.

How far from the truth that’s been. Both Obama and Hillary were in the pockets of the global elite. Candidates like Joe Biden bow to the will of Chinese industrialists. Few Democrats still care about working families and labor unions. They are far from putting middle class families first.

Meanwhile, Trump has spent the last two-and-a-half years bringing jobs back to this country. He’s lowered taxes, defended the border, and slashed job-killing regulation. Trump has been fighting for working class and middle class families. And these Americans are showing their support through small dollar donations.

Think about it. Trump has raised over $230 million dollars from mostly small dollar donations of $200 or less. That means he’s enjoying a tremendous amount of support from regular Americans. People from every corner of this country see what he’s doing to drain the swamp and put them first.

And their opening their wallets to make sure he gets re-elected.

“What really sets Trump apart from other Republicans in the past is the fundraising machine that he has created,” he added. “He’s a natural campaigner who has been actively running for reelection since his inauguration. Consequently, the campaign has been able to capitalize on this by fundraising off the back of the numerous political battles that have taken place since then.” [Source: Fox News]

Over the last two years, the Democrats have tried to wrongfully attack Trump and his administration. Every few weeks, it’s another “scandal” the liberal media produces to undermine the president. But every time, Trump has come out the winner. And with each new win, he’s scored more support from the American public.

That support has amounted to a great war chest and more regular Americans backing the president. I can’t see a single Democrat matching Trump’s support or enthusiasm. Not to mention winning votes to take the White House.

Perhaps they should all call it quits right now.

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