Former Vice President Joe Biden has been having a rough few weeks. The 2020 candidate for president has hurt his campaign with numerous gaffes and bizarre remarks. It has led many Democrats to question his chances at winning—and even his stability. Now reports indicate his own people are urging a change. Trump was on hand to give his thoughts.

According to many on the left, Joe Biden is the Democrats’ best chance at taking back the White House. On the surface, that seems true. Biden was vice president. He has experience working with Congress and the president. He was Obama’s right-hand man. Many voters will feel comfortable voting for him.

In a crowded primary race where many of the candidates are pushing radical, far-left agendas, Biden might be the safer, more moderate choice.

But boy, is Biden not helping himself at all. The former VP has been confusing and upsetting listeners with his frequent gaffes. In the past, the media has written off his gaffes as simple blunders. But in recent weeks, the odd things he says are causing concern on many levels.

It’s leaving some to wonder if he has some prejudice against minorities. Others are worried he might not be mentally fit to lead.

Now, his own people are doing damage-control, urging him to cut back on appearances altogether.

Allies to Joe Biden have been floating the idea of altering the former vice president’s schedule in an effort to reduce the gaffes he has made in recent days.

The allies, growing increasingly nervous about Biden’s verbal flubs, have said it’s an approach that’s been suggested to campaign officials on the heels of the former vice president’s stumbles…

Biden’s age — he’ll be 77 in November — has been seen by some as a liability ever since he launched his campaign earlier this year. While he has been billed by those around him as the most electable Democrat to take on President Trump next year, some wonder if he has the zeal to compete. [Source: The Hill]

That’s right. Their solution to prevent Joe from making more gaffes, is to just keep him from appearing in public!

Not great, guys. That means you really can’t stop him from saying bizarre, inappropriate, or wrong things. You’re just going to keep him behind closed doors so no one can hear them!

This does not inspire confidence that he’ll be a competent leader. Imagine a president so confused and prone to gaffes, that he can’t do any work after a certain time of day. Sorry, but something tells me the president needs to be ready 24/7. If Biden can’t be trusted to make sense during a speech, how are we to trust him to lead the country?

President Trump weighed in on Biden’s problems while speaking to a rally in New Hampshire.

“What about a ‘Sleepy Joe Biden’ rally?” he then asked, drawing laughs. “I think Sleepy Joe may be able to limp across the finish line. But today they announced that they’re going to cut way back on his appearances because he is such a disaster.”

“If I ever did that it would be over,” the president told the crowd in Manchester. “The fake news would get us.” [Source: Fox News]

Trump is right. If he cut back on appearances, to avoid gaffes, he would have a tremendously difficult time running his campaign. It’s his live events that are capturing the exciting and support of American voters.

Online and in the news, the media tries to destroy Trump. But his continued emphasis on interacting with Americans directly is what keeps him on a track to victory.

It’ll be the same for Biden. If he pulls back now, it’s over. Remember Hillary Clinton? She was very reluctant to make appearances during 2016. She even refused to hold press conferences to speak with the media.

And look what it got her.

Maybe Joe’s allies should find another tactic. Like backing another candidate!

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