An attempt to insult Israel backfired spectacularly for Rep. Ilhan Omar, and the humiliating response to her was open for all to see.

Omar and fellow lawmaker Rashida Tlaib planned to visit the country, but it was clear from the beginning that they meant no goodwill toward the state of Israel. An official itinerary for the trip, labeled “U.S. Delegation to Palestine,” did not list a single meeting with an Israeli official.

In the face of this obvious insult toward Israel, the country decided to block the entry of the congresswomen, effectively keeping them out of the country.

Omar was quick to respond, and blamed Israel for pushing President Donald Trump’s supposed “Muslim ban.”

While Omar may feel safe making these cowardly and baseless insults, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu quickly reminded her that those lies weren’t going to go unchallenged.

His office’s Twitter account soon opened up a full assault against the congresswoman.

There it is, in plain English.

Instead of a supposed ban on Muslims, the real reason Omar and Tlaib were kept out of the country was that they clearly intended to do it harm. If they thought they had the right to march in and promote boycotts and economic harm against Israel, this must have been a rude awakening.

For Omar, it looks like any designs to meet with Palestinians in Israel are now circling the drain. It appears Tlaib was offered a chance to enter the country, with one stipulation.

“Nonetheless, if Congresswoman Tlaib submits a humanitarian request to visit her relatives,” a tweet from prime minister’s account read, “the minister of interior has announced that he will consider her request on the condition that she pledges not to act to promote boycotts against Israel during her visit.”

While Tlaib may now have a way into Palestine, Omar will have to remain content insulting Israel from the comfort of America.

Author: Jared Harris

Source: Western Journal: Netanyahu Demolishes Ilhan Omar After She Accuses Israel of ‘Muslim Ban’

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