They made a big mistake – now Donald is taking millions back!

President Trump is sick and tired of endless tax dollars going to waste. He’s especially opposed to sending tax dollars to programs millions of Americans hate.

Already throughout his administration, he’s tightened the budget. He’s cut off funding to many groups that waste dollars and even harm Americans.

But still, millions upon millions of dollars have gone to a major Democrat stronghold for years. Other Republican leaders have tried to stop them and failed.

President Trump is about to succeed by cutting off their funding with a new rule. And in a matter of days, this rule is about to go into effect.

From CBN:

Planned Parenthood is set to lose $60 million in the coming days, because of a Trump administration rule forbidding federal funds going to any family planning programs that refer patients for abortion.

The nation’s largest abortion provider has been in the Title X program for decades and receives almost $60 million in funding from the program each year.

Boom! Planned Parenthood is going to lose $60 million, thanks to a new rule from President Trump.

PP got millions every year, thanks to a Title X program that provides federal funds to clinics for women’s health.

But Trump’s new rule forbids any healthcare provider that received funds from referring patients for abortions.

That means Planned Parenthood—who solely focuses on abortions—is about to lose a big chunk of their funding.

Trump wasn’t being unreasonable. He gave Title X recipients plenty of time to adjust their programming in order to keep receiving funds.

The president wants Americans in need to receive support. But he does not want American tax dollars going to the extermination of unborn children.

Seems pretty reasonable to me.

Planned Parenthood can still operate, just without these funds. That’s not a big problem for an organization that receives millions from private liberal donors.

But Americans can be thankful that Trump is moving forward with his pro-life goals. He’s making sure your tax dollars aren’t going to a barbaric and outdated practice that ends the lives of countless Americans.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Trump Takes $60 Million From Democrat Stronghold – New Rule Strips Them Of Their Funds

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