Speaker Nancy Pelosi is engaging in yet another bit of hostage-taking with over the recent budget agreement which has been thrown into limbo over proposed cuts to foreign aid.

Never one to be accused of putting America first, the Democrat who earlier this year went on record that she would not give President Trump “even a dollar” to construct a border wall is demanding that $4.3 billion for international development funding not be cut.

The top House Democrat is currently enjoying another extended vacation of taxpayer-funded junkets but she took time from her schmoozing with foreign leaders to shoot off a threatening letter to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

In the letter to Mnuchin – who Pelosi recently suggested should be thrown into jail – called the cuts to State Department and United States Agency for International Development funding “illegal” and that the budget deal itself is at stake.

Via Politico, “Nancy Pelosi warns cuts in foreign aid could jeopardize budget deal”:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is warning the Trump administration that a White House proposal to cut billions of dollars in foreign aid could imperil a recent two-year budget agreement.

Before leaving for the August recess, Congress passed a massive budget deal that suspended the debt ceiling through July 2021 and decreased the likelihood of a government shutdown. But the White House more recently has been eyeing a so-called rescissions package, which would impose more than $4 billion in cuts to the United States Agency for International Development and the State Department.

In a letter dated Friday to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Pelosi warned that such a package could be approved only by Congress, according to a legal opinion from the Government Accountability Office. She assured Mnuchin that Congress would take no such action and urged the administration to reconsider.

“I request that you work within the administration to stop this proposed rescission which GAO states is illegal, which violates the good faith of our budget negotiations, which important Republicans say is ill advised, and which overrides Congress’ most fundamental Constitutional power,” Pelosi wrote.

Trump signed the two-year budget deal prior to Congress blowing town for their summer vacation and while it did increase the debt ceiling and staved off default, it didn’t entirely preclude the possibility of a government shutdown when the fiscal year ends on September 30.

Now Pelosi seems to be implying another self-indulgent showdown between co-equal branches of government that will result in ordinary Americans being screwed over if the Democrats don’t get their way.

The cynics may suggest that with another shutdown sure to spook the markets and all of the recent chatter about a looming recession, that Democrats and the corrupt media have come to the point where they would risk triggering an economic collapse if that’s what it takes to prevent Trump from being reelected.

Author: Chris Donaldson

Source: I Love My Freedom: That A Threat? Nancy Pelosi Demands Trump Send $4.3 Billion Foreign Aid Payment

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