Yes, it’s true.

There are three men who think they can challenge Donald Trump’s nomination for the 2020 Election. These fools actually believe they can get the GOP to vote for them instead of Trump. Hilarious, right? President Trump took to Twitter to call out these goons. He has some fun with it.

Has there been a Republican president that’s done more for America than Donald Trump? I’m younger than most, so I can only think of Ronald Reagan. And even he had less success for Americans on the issue of trade. You might have to go back very far before you can find a GOP POTUS that’s done more for this country.

In just two-and-a-half years, President Trump has made good on nearly every promise. Even the biggest challenge, the border wall, is moving forward. CBP has shown significant parts of the border have been reinforced with big, beautiful barriers.

Add to that a growing economy, low unemployment, and rising wages, you have a president that is actually putting Americans first. What conservative would be against that?

Three apparently. The “NeverTrump” movement of 2015 has shrunk to only three pathetic souls. These “Republicans” seem to hate the president and his massive success. They want to take his 2020 nomination and run for president themselves. I guess they want to lose.

President Trump called out these men on Twitter, mocking their little-to-none chances.

“Can you believe it?” he asked on Twitter. “I’m at 94 percent approval in the Republican Party, and have Three Stooges running against me.”

Trump referred to former Gov. Mark Sanford as, “Mr. Appalachian Trail” referring to the scandal during his term as governor of South Carolina. Sanford was absent for six days in South Carolina forcing staff to say he was hiking the Appalachian Trail when in fact he was in Argentina visiting his mistress.

Trump branded former Congressman Joe Walsh as a “BAD Congressman from Illinois who lost in his second term by a landslide, then failed in radio” after his Salem radio show was canceled.

He mocked former Governor Bill Weld for fainting and collapsing during a graduation ceremony at Bentley College in 1996. [Source: Breitbart]

Wow. We got some real winners trying to challenge Trump. Mark Sanford was the infamous politician who ran off to Argentina to get busy with his mistress. His people lied, saying he was hiking in the mountains. I’m shocked this guy is still trying to worm his way into politics. Shouldn’t he be in sex rehab or something?

Joe Walsh is a real clown. He lost his seat in Congress and went on to host a radio show. The day after he announced he was trying to unseat Trump—he loses his show! Yeah, not a surprise, Joe. You’re core audience loves Trump and you want to beat him. That’s a totally braindead move.

And Bill Weld… well he collapsed during an award speech. Not impressive, if you ask me.

Never fear, though. Because Trump is polling in the 90s among Republicans, there won’t even be a primary. A president has be to below 75% for there to even be a discussion about a primary nomination race. It’s clear that Republicans are very happy with Trump’s success.

So why are these stooges trying to run? Are they really deluded enough to think they can take Trump on? Or are they doing it, knowing that if by some miracle they succeed, they’ll all but hand over the presidency to the Democrats?

NeverTrumpers seem to be blind to all the good Donald Trump’s done for this country. They actually seem more willing to let far-left socialists run our country into the ground, than let Trump serve a second term.

Not very conservative of them. But the fact remains that there are plenty of people in politics who don’t want to put Americans first. They want to return to the old days, when our government served special interest groups, lobbyists, and globalists. When government served itself before the people.

Do you want to tell them those days are over or should I?

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