We talk about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a lot. It’s not because we love her.

It’s because we patriots cannot believe there is an elected official out there that is so utterly out of touch with the real world.

AOC doesn’t even understand what’s going on within her own party.

She humiliated herself when she unveiled the terrible Green New Deal. Energy experts, conservatives, Democrats—just about everyone—wrote off her proposal as unrealistic, dangerous, and even irresponsible.

But has this woman learned her lesson and changed her ways? Has she admitted her plan was stupid? Has she tried to work with other lawmakers to come up with a better plan?

Come on, of course not. This Millennial has arrogantly stood by her disastrous idea.

And during a town hall event, she was recently faced with a question about criticism around the Green New Deal. You have got to see how she responded, she is so arrogant its ridiculous!

From Twitter:

Ocasio-Cortez declares “I’m the Boss… How ’bout that!” while claiming that no one else has tried to come up with climate change policy before the Green New Deal.

Uhh… Excuse me?

What happened to reasoned discourse and actually have to defend your idea with…ya know… data? Evidence?

This Democrat thinks she’s the only person fighting for the environment. Wow. Is she delusional or just refuses to change her talking points?

First off, America has been working to protect the environment for a long time. Since the 1970s. It was a Republican president who created the Environmental Protection Agency.

Not only that, but Democrats have made the environment a priority for years. Vice President Al Gore, before his idiotic “Inconvenient Truth” film, was talking about it from office.

Are Democrats going to sit by and listen to this whiney, entitled brat? Does AOC not realize that Democrats and Republicans (including Trump) prioritize policies that reduce pollution, support innovated technology, and protect our water and air?

“I’m the Boss!” she cries. The boss of what? Your policy will NEVER pass. You want to outlaw air travel. Don’t you realize how stupid you sound, lady?

But the sad reality is, there is an entire generation of liberals who believe her. AOC is banking entirely on tricking Millennials and young voters that she is the Second Coming. That she’s the only person in D.C. that is trying to help the earth.

And more than a few young people will believe her. Unless we speak out and put her in her place.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: After AOC Faces Criticism For Green New Deal – She Replies: “I’m The Boss, How About That?”

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