Ah, those poor, pathetic House Democrats.

After trying several times already to impeach Trump, they’ve failed again and again.

They were hoping the Mueller report would give them all they needed to accuse Trump and remove him from office. That didn’t work. A clutch of Democrats is still trying to take down Trump. But even that is failing.

Let’s get this out of the way: there is zero evidence supporting impeachment of Donald Trump. Democrats are pushing this idea, though, for several reasons. First, it was to undo the results of the 2016 Election. They couldn’t believe America picked Trump over that old lady, so they just wanted to get rid of him.

Then, they used impeachment to get win voters in the 2018 Midterms. But it didn’t do much to help, what with their “blue wave” failing big time.

Now, they hope to impeach Trump to give them a boost in 2020. Not one of their candidates have what it takes to beat Trump. So, Democrats think they can remove Trump and have a better shot at beating Mike Pence.

But the big problem is, Trump has been cleared of any wrongdoing that would result in impeachment. Mueller’s report and testimony proved Trump never colluded with Russia. And if he didn’t collude with Russia, he had no reason to obstruct justice.

That’s not good enough for House Democrats, who are now trying to find a new reason to impeach him.

The committee is planning to investigate payments former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen made to two women who allege they had affairs with the president more than a decade ago, and whether the investigation into Cohen was obstructed. [Source: Breitbart]

What, this again? Michael Cohen is in prison because he used campaign funds to pay off women who made wild claims. Even Cohen, who tried to betray Trump, admitted Trump never told him to do such a thing. Yet Democrats are hoping to use an already settled matter to impeach the president.

Pathetic isn’t even a good enough word for House Democrats.

But even as they mount a wimpy effort to nail Trump, they just don’t have the support within their own party to get it done.

Moderate Democrats are so far resisting the call to support impeachment, even as House Judiciary Committee Democrats double down on efforts to investigate President Trump for impeachable offenses…

More than 130 Democrats have come out in support of impeachment in some form, crossing the threshold of half the Democrat caucus. However, more than 100 Democrats either oppose or have not clarified where they stand on impeachment, many of them vulnerable Democrats…

Fewer than ten out of the 42 Democrats listed in the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s “frontline program” — those most vulnerable in their re-election campaigns — have come out in support of impeachment, according to Time. [Source: Breitbart]

Democrats really are petty, aren’t they? Instead of trying to work with Trump and the GOP to help Americans, they are searching for any possible reason to impeach him. Even though they know the Senate will never back their attempts—nor has any poll shown Americans support impeachment.

They’d rather waste time and money persecuting a president working to make America great. House Democrats don’t care about the well-being of Americans. These are the same people who turn a blind eye to illegal immigration at the border, after all. The same people who support sanctuary cities, which put criminals ahead of Americans.

And they’d rather spend their time in D.C. looking for a smoking gun to accuse the president, than support measures to fix healthcare, secure better trade deals, provide relief to veterans, or protect our border.

Nope, instead they are trying to find anything to pin on Trump, so he won’t win in 2020.

But the sad reality is that they can’t even get most of their own party members to back this initiative. Too many moderate Democrats, from districts that have supported Trump, worry about losing their seats in 2020.

The left can’t even unify its own party. Makes you wonder why they’re still around, doesn’t it?

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