This week, the Board of Supervisors of San Francisco voted to designate the National Rifle Association a “domestic terrorist organization.” The insane vote was to pressure the federal government to do the same. In light of recent shootings, you’d think the rest of the left would join in to condemn the NRA. But major liberal news outlets came out with a response you wouldn’t expect.

Whenever a shooting occurs in our country, liberals are quick to blame the NRA. This organizations—founded after the Civil War to help arm black Americans against violence—is often blamed for the crimes of individuals. This, despite the fact that not once has a member of the NRA committed a mass shooting.

There are numerous organizations in this country that educate Americans on their Second Amendment rights. But as the biggest and most influential, the NRA is often the target of the left’s hate. I guess liberals believe that if they can take the NRA down, then the Second Amendment is vulnerable. Without the NRA fighting in D.C. for our right to bear arms, then perhaps Democrats can just do away with the whole thing.

More proof that the left is living in a dream world.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors, however, went even further than most liberals when they voted this week to label the NRA as a terrorist group. Insane, to be sure. But I’m sure they considered their move a watershed moment, one the rest of the left would praise. Not exactly. In fact, two major liberal outlets came out condemning their decision. For good reasons.

“It’s not the business of a county board of supervisors to designate terror organizations,” [Los Angeles Times columnist Michael McGough] wrote, adding that it’s also a First Amendment concern if officials try to blacklist contractors who work with the NRA…

Washington Post columnist Henry Olsen called the resolution “McCarthyism: pure and simple.”

He said that for the NRA is be a terrorist organization, it would have to “intentionally encourage and support the use of violent attacks on U.S. citizens with the intent of creating general fear so as to force submission to its political agenda.”

“The NRA clearly does not do that,” he said, sarcastically adding, “Congratulations, average NRA member: Your $30 one-year membership makes you a terrorist.” [Source: Fox News]

For years, we’ve had to put up with the hysterical dishonesty of the left. They’ve accused regular Americans of being bigots, Nazis, racists, and sexists, just for wearing MAGA hats. We’ve had to sit by as the media applauded Antifa, a group that violently assaults conservatives. We’ve almost gotten used to the left unfairly slandering us at every turn.

Branding the NRA as a terrorist group seemed almost inevitable, for a group of left-wing radicals that want to undermine everything we believe in (also known as Democrats). So, for two liberal publications to condemn this move is significant.

A “domestic terrorist organization” is one that directly supports and encourages the use of violence against Americans. Does that sound like the NRA to you? The NRA simple educates Americans on their Second Amendment rights. It helps them learn how to safely and responsibly own and use a firearm. That’s a far, far cry from terrorism.

But do you know what that does sound like? Antifa. This group most certainly encourages the use of violence against those they call “Nazis” and “fascists.” They brand anyone that supports Trump or backs conservative views a fascist, which gives them permission to use violence. That is the textbook definition of terrorism.

So, why isn’t San Francisco branding Antifa—a group that loves violence—as terrorists, instead of a group that simply wants to empower Americans? Seems like a huge contradiction, doesn’t it? The NRA wants to protect Americans. Antifa wants to hurt them.

Yet this San Francisco board wants to punish the one group, while rewarding the other. Kind of makes you wonder just what’s going on in those board members heads?

Maybe they want Americans defenseless and scared? Maybe they want them harassed and endangered, unable to defend themselves from attackers wearing masks?

Or at least, just the conservatives.

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