With Trump’s economy breaking records, 2020 Democratic candidates have an uphill battle.

So, many “experts” have been predicting a recession in order to give left-wing candidates a bump. But while they predict doom-and-gloom, the latest economic reports cast a very different picture. Maybe Democrats should just throw in the towel now.

Let’s get real for a minute here. So-called “experts” have been predicted Trump’s failure since he entered politics. When he was elected and started fixing our economy, those same people—liberals who work for the liberal news—said Trump’s plans ruin us.

Surprise, surprise, things are only getting better. President Trump’s America first plans have slashed regulations, lowered taxes, and brought jobs back to the country. The results speak for themselves.

Over the last two-and-a-half years, the American economy has been resurrected. And that’s after eight years of Obama’s deliberate attempts to weaken it. People are back to work. Earning more than ever before. Companies are investing in the United States. We even have energy dominance.

But today, so-called experts are predicting a recession. Based on what? Their desire for a Democratic president, honestly. Liberal pundits know neither Sanders nor Biden nor Warren nor any liberal candidate can promise an economy better than Trump’s. So, they are actively hoping for a recession so that Democrats can breathe a little easier.

Imagine being so hateful toward your country, that you’d want it to suffer just to beat a Republican.

These “experts” claim that Trump’s trade war with China will do us in. Really, the only group who will suffer from Trump’s tariffs on China, is China. Excuse me! I forgot all the left-wing Democrats who bow to China’s will over the good of the American people. They might also suffer, because their overlords are upset.

But their hopes for a recession don’t seem to be matching reality, as usual. The latest economic reports for August came out. And they’re not listening to the left’s demands.

The new jobs report is in and the verdict is clear — no one should believe a single word the Democrats say about the economy.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the number of people employed in August increased by a very impressive 590,000, pushing total employment to a record-high of nearly 157.9 million. The percentage of the population that was employed rose to 60.9 percent, the highest percentage since December 2008.

As a result, despite over 570,000 people joining the labor force, the unemployment rate held at 3.7 percent, near a 50-year low. Unemployment among African Americans and Hispanics also hit all-time lows last month, proving that the ongoing economic boom is still creating unprecedented opportunity for all U.S. workers. [Source: Fox News]

Woah. And that’s just for starters. Hourly earnings rose 3.2 percent since last year. That’s the first time wages increased by 3 percent since 2009.

Consumer spending hasn’t decreased, despite the left’s doom and gloom. Clearly, Americans are doing very well and aren’t afraid to spend the money they’re earning. All the fake news in the world about a recession hasn’t stopped Americans from working, taking home more pay, and spending it on what they need and want.

Think back to 2016. Obama himself said we were looking at decades of decline. “Those jobs aren’t coming back,” said the man who ruined our economy. Congress said we’d only add about 2 million new jobs between 2016-2019. Then Trump enters office. Thanks to him, we gained a whopping 6 million since 2016. Obama and Congress were way off.

And there’s no signs that anything is suddenly, mysteriously, going to change. We have this booming economy because Trump is putting American workers and employees first. He’s not bowing to globalism in the form of China. And he’s not bowing to corporations who want to exploit our country. He’s doing what he always promised to do: make American great again.

Democrats can’t handle that, so they’re lying plain and simple. They can’t compete with that also, so they’re using whatever scheme it takes to remove Trump from office.

But I have a failing none of it is going to work.

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