Barr’s closing in – and Congress wants him to indict one of Obama’s “finest!”

For a long time, we’ve heard about the investigators being investigated. It’s no secret that Obama’s DOJ was up to no good trying to find dirt on Trump.

But plenty of time has passed, with not much word on what’s going on. Many Trump supporters have given up hope of seeing real justice done. Where are the indictments?

Well, this update should give them some real hope.

Congress’ Rep. John Ratcliffe spoke recently, saying he’s tired of seeing Republicans prosecuted over nothing. But Democrats shown guilty of big crimes just slip away, with no penalties.

Now, he’s calling out one of Obama’s top cronies—and he’s demanding real justice.

From Washington Examiner:

Rep. John Ratcliffe said the Justice Department must indict Andrew McCabe, following the DOJ inspector general’s 2018 report that found the fired FBI deputy director helped leak unauthorized information to the media and misled investigators about it…

…”to do otherwise would be to admit that there are separate standards for the people doing the same thing for the same conduct.”

News emerged recently that the DOJ is close to reaching a decision on whether to charge McCabe for leaking and then lying about it.

Ratcliffe got real clear with the swamp – no more double standards!

Ratcliffe called out deep state agents Andrew McCabe, demanding that the DOJ indict him for what he did.

As a member of Obama’s DOJ, McCabe leaked sensitive information to the press. Then later, he lied about it to the department.

It was a move, among many, by the deep state to frame Trump and turn the country against the president. A coordinated effort by those in the swamp to stop Trump from succeeding.

Former Attorney General Sessions even fired McCabe for “unauthorized disclosure” the media.

Guess what? Leaking confidential government information to anyone is illegal. We’ve heard about numerous Obama agents doing this.

But nobody’s gotten in trouble?

Meanwhile, Republicans and Trump allies are being harassed, subpoenaed, and threatened over rumor and conspiracy.

It’s about time those in power were held accountable for what they’ve done. We know that during the transition, Obama agents tried to undermine the incoming president.

They did everything they could to set up a scheme that would frame Trump and remove him from office. It was a gross violation of our democracy.

Ratcliffe is right. If the DOJ ever wants to restore its reputation with the American people, they have to prosecute those responsible.

McCabe is a good start. Then Comey, Lynch, hell even Obama and Clinton.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Congress Blindsides Obama’s Top Crony – He Must Be Indicted “To Prove There Aren’t Separate Standards”

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