The Obama administration loved to dictate how you lived your life.

From private industry to buying household goods, the left-wing Democrat tried to control just about every aspect of American existence. week, Trump just announced yet another Obama regulation he just got rid of. It will save you a pretty penny.

Why do Democrats always think they know better than the rest of us? Whenever you hear a liberal politician or reporter speak, they talk as if anyone that doesn’t agree with them is some kind of moron. Honestly, the platform of the Democratic Party today is to force their will onto the American people. Even if we don’t like it.

For people who claim to love liberty so much, they really don’t like giving it to us. President Obama might have been the worst (excluding the group of 2020 candidates). He passed countless laws and executive orders that limited American business. His regulations—in many cases—made it impossible for some companies to make money. It was perhaps worse for the American consumer.

Instead of encouraging Americans to make the right decisions (for the environment, of course), he forced us to buy products that were more expensive. Sometimes, they were products we didn’t even like. Sure, they may have used less energy or were “better for the earth,” but they certainly weren’t better for our wallets. And the fact he was forcing us to do it, eroded that thing calls consumer choice.

And liberty.

Since Donald Trump’s entered office, he’s been doing away with just about every last Obama regulation. In fact, over a year ago, most liberal pundits said Trump has undone all of Obama’s major achievements. That’s something to celebrate.

But this week, he got rid of one of Obama’s most idiotic and annoying regulations. One that forced you to spend much more money on a basic, household need. I’m talking of course about light bulbs.

“They were forcing you to buy lightbulbs that cost a fortune, so I signed something a couple of days ago that gives you the right to use the incandescent light,” [Trump] said. “Much less expensive.”

Last week, the Trump administration rolled back Barack Obama-era requirements for energy-efficient bulbs which threatened to phase out incandescent and halogen bulbs by January 2020 in favor of fluorescent or LED bulbs…

He ridiculed the new light energy-efficient bulbs for having dangerous toxins and gasses in them…

He explained that the rollback of the regulations would allow consumers to choose whether they wanted the new bulbs or not.

“You’re going to hopefully buy the new ones, but you can buy the old ones too, and you can save a lot of money and you can even look better,” he said. [Source: Breitbart]

President Trump rolled back a regulation that was forcing companies to phase out traditional light bulbs for more expensive—and potentially toxic—fluorescent bulbs.

Let’s face the facts. LED and CF bulbs might use less energy. But the upfront cost is much higher than regular bulbs. Americans should have the choice on which bulbs to use. So, why did Obama think he had the right to dictate that choice himself?

I use LED bulbs—when I can afford them. But I know there are millions of Americans who need to stretch their dollar at the grocery store. Should they really be forced to buy bulbs that cost twice, if not three or four times, more—just because it made Obama feel better?

I’m all for advancing technology, but let’s get real. Obama and the left just want to force their environmental agenda on us. They aren’t concerned with working families who have to pinch every penny. (Hell, during his administration, many of them couldn’t even find work!)

President Trump is doing us a big solid. He’s ending the kind of tyrannical policies that force us to obey the will of the left. Sure, you can buy LED bulbs. Or you can buy much cheaper ones. The choice should be yours, not theirs.

Now, which of the 2020 Democratic candidates will share that sentiment? Oh, none of them.

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