It’s no secret that California has the highest homeless numbers in the entire country.

Yet, as more and more of their people are forced out on the streets, numerous cities and the state do nothing about it. The situation is only getting worse. So, President Trump is about to take matters into his own hands. Once again, he’s going to fix what the Democrats broke.

The homeless crisis on the West Coast is no joke. The far-left leaders in states like California, Washington, and Oregon passed laws that actually attracted homelessness to their states. West Coast states were the first to legalize recreational drug use. They are sanctuaries for illegal aliens. On top of that, cities like Los Angeles have made it illegal for cops to prevent people from living in public areas like sidewalks and parks.

The results speak for themselves. Homeless people are everywhere. These aren’t down-on-their-luck citizens just looking for a chance. Many are heavy drug users, who are pitching tents in the middle of streets, cooking meth right in the open.

Regular citizens can’t even walk to work. Many are harassed by drug-incensed homeless. The Democrats who run these cities do nothing. Some have even speculated that they created this problem intentionally, in order to assume even greater control over the region.

President Trump has had enough. And a new report suggests the White House is about to end this problem once and for all.

President Trump, disgusted with the inability of California’s Democrats to address the skyrocketing number of homeless people in California’s major cities, has ordered White House officials to address the issue…

“Top officials representing the White House and the Department of Housing and Urban Development arrived in California this week for a round of meetings. A particular focus has been the ‘Skid Row’ section of Los Angeles, officials said. The president is directly involved with the initiative, officials said, and has asked for updates.” [Source: Fox News]

President Trump is a man who prizes excellence. Imagine how upset he must get when he sees our once-beautiful West Coast cities covered in shanty towns of tents and cardboard boxes?

This crisis is 100% the Democrats’ fault. On top of bad policy, they have forced the cost of housing through the roof. “Energy efficient” regulation makes building new homes too costly. Local fees and taxes prevent renovations and rebuilding. In fact, in San Francisco, they have laws that prevent new development entirely.

Hmm… I wonder why they have a homeless crisis?

The people who want to live in a good, clean home can’t even find one!

President Trump is being directly updated on this situation. He’s even sent Justice Department representatives to look the matter. The DOJ is involved? That means there might be indictments coming very soon. I’m not surprised. The colossal problem created by the Democrats must point to fraud and crime.

Some of Trump’s plans include razing tent camps and building new temporary facilities. As well as improving existing facilities that help the homeless. I would also recommend Trump look at the insane regulations California forces on developers, which often result in abandoned projects.

“During a lengthy approval process (sometimes years), costs can rise to the point that projects are no longer tenable. Local fees, permitting, codes and regulations add 6 to 18 percent to construction costs. Uncoordinated city fees and requirements can add up to substantial sums that have unintended impacts on affordable housing.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Don’t be fooled. Those impacts were 100% intended. There are some Democrats who want Americans poor, miserable, and even homeless. You are far easier to control when you have nothing and need government support.

California Democrats, by design or neglect, have ruined their state. It seems only the president can step in and end the madness. But even then, it might be temporary, if CA residents continue to elect morons.

I guess, until they start voting for Republicans, the crisis will continue.

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