Numerous 2020 candidates for president are supporting a mandatory buyback of firearms.

These Democrats want to force you to hand over your semi-automatic rifles to the federal government. Fat chance. A gun store in Arizona decided to use the news to hold a special sale. The response will blow your mind.

Let’s face the facts, my friend. Democrats love to exploit tragedy to push their agenda. The most recent push for gun control comes after a few highly-publicized shootings over the summer. As terrible and unacceptable as mass shootings are—they often pale in comparison to any given weekend in gun-controled places like Chicago. The gun violence numbers skew the national average. Not that the left ever tells you that.

Democrats in Washington are pushing for un-Constitutional “red flag” laws and background checks. All to intimidate you from buying a firearm. But 2020 Democrats have another idea: mandatory firearm buybacks. Another way to say it: gun confiscations.

Robert O’Rourke has been pushing this for a while. As his candidacy falters, he is getting more and more aggressive about taking away your guns. He even claimed that residents of Texas are on board with his plan—to the hilarity of all. Kamala Harris—former California AG who was merciless to minorities—is now demanding you give up your “assault weapons.”

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., expressed her support for a mandatory buyback program for “assault weapons”…

“First of all, let’s be clear about what assault weapons are. They have been designed to kill a lot of human beings quickly. They are weapons of war with no place on the streets of a civil society. I’ve seen assault weapons kill babies and police officers.” [Source: Fox News]

She’s seen “assault weapons” kill babies and police officers? Where—in movies? You’d think that kind of carnage would have been reported by the liberal media.

Harris, like everyone pushing gun control, has no clue about the very basic terminology for firearms. There is no type of gun called an “assault weapon.” All guns are made to assault a target. Knives, throwing stars, spears—these are also “assault weapons.” Even a handgun is an assault weapon. She also claims the average American can buy a gun “designed to kill a lot of human beings quickly.” Uh… no.

Perhaps she’s thinking of a fully-automatic rifle. Those aren’t legal, lady.

Harris has proved she is an idiot on the issue. Not the person you want deciding the fate of the Second Amendment. But the rest of her 2020 rivals are just as bad.

A gun store in Arizona had a brilliant idea. As candidates were pushing strong gun control, they would throw a special sale for AR-15s (a popular semi-automatic rifle). They were selling AR-15s at the ridiculously low price of $350.

They sold out in four hours.

Alpha Dog Firearms announced it would be selling AR-15s for $349.99 on Friday, hours after Beto O’Rourke pledged to ban the weapons at the ABC News debate on Thursday night. O’Rourke was adamant that his buyback program would be mandatory, not voluntary, going on to assure the debate moderators that “hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15.”

“Our $349.99 AR deal sold out in less than 4 hours,” the store wrote on Facebook. “We’re trying to process the orders and work on getting more special deals for our good friend gun grabber Beto.” [Source: Daily Caller]

Wow. Makes me wish I lived in Arizona. O’Rourke claims that it is the NRA that is pushing against gun control. He wants voters to believe that corporations and this lobbyist group are the only ones that care about the Second Amendment. He’s dead wrong.

The success of this gun shop’s sale proves that Americans love the right to bear arms. They’re not interested in what an elitist hack like O’Rourke thinks about gun ownership. These people, who safely own and operate firearms, won’t have to fear being the victim of a crime.

Unless, of course, O’Rourke gets his way. Then God help us.

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