Presidential candidate Joe Biden has not had a good summer.

And it looks like he’s going to have an even worse fall. The candidate is known for his odd and out-of-place gaffes. But recently, they’ve been getting much worse. Even Democrats are getting worried. Only this week, he attended an event where he got basic facts all messed up.

Most Democrats were put on alert after Biden made his infamous “poor kids” gaffe. During the summer he said, “poor kids are just as smart as white kids.” Ouch. That’s not great, Joe. Did you just say that all non-white kids are poor? A gaffe like that might be more than a slip of the tongue. It might expose his real feelings about minorities.

It only got worse from there. His staff demanded that he rest for a week, in the hopes that he’d get better. I’m guessing a week wasn’t enough. Because as soon as he was back on the campaign trail, he was making more gaffes.

Soon after the shootings in El Paso and Dayton (like a day later), he confused the cities and dates. That one was on him. Was he just not paying attention?

Now, running for president must be pretty hard. And Joe’s not known for his eloquence. The pressure of attending countless events, debates on live TV, and traveling around the country must be grueling. You can forgive someone for occasionally mixing up his words or saying the wrong thing.

But honestly, something else might be going on with ol’ Joe. Because no matter where he goes, he keeps saying the wrong things. Some of them are real head-scratchers. Including his most recent blunders.

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden appeared to have no clue as to what the U.S. population was during a talk on Tuesday and later forgot who he rallied with earlier this year.

Biden, while speaking at the Workers’ Presidential Summit in Philadelphia, said that his proposed $8,000 child tax credit would “put 720 million women back in the workforce.”

At another point during the event held by the AFL-CIO, Biden could not accurately remember who he rallied with earlier this year in Boston.

“When I went up to the Rite Aid strike, I looked out in that parking lot when I was talking with the folks when I was walking the picket line, up in Boston — and what happened? I looked out there, and I’ll bet you 40 percent of the people there were non-union,” Biden said. [Source: Daily Wire]

Uh boy. If I was one of Biden’s handlers, I’d be pretty upset right now. I would staple his talking points to his shirt or something, demand that he only said what was written there. But even then, it wouldn’t stop Biden from saying the wrong things.

Biden actually said there were 720 million women who would join the workforce. He does know that there are only about 320 million people in the country, total? That means there are roughly only 150 million women eligible to work. Is he totally confusing our population? Or is he predicting what the population would be if he was elected—and he’d throw open our borders to illegal aliens?

Either way, that’s not a good sign.

He also said that earlier in the year he attended a strike in Boston to support Rite Aid workers. Accept, according to the Boston Globe, thousands of Stop & Shop workers were protesting.

Again, is this a simple gaffe? Or is Joe’s mind slipping? It’s easy to confuse one store for another. But when you look at the frequency of Biden’s slip-ups, you really start to worry.

Even with staff and handlers, this guy keeps screwing up. Is he just not a great speaker—or is his age catching up with him?

We all had to groan in 2016 when the left nominated a woman who couldn’t even walk up a flight of steps. Now, are they about to nominate a man whose mind is slipping away? We can’t afford that.

Perhaps Biden should just fess up and tell us what’s really going on.

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