The foolish powers that be have tried to use the summer’s tragic events to push harder gun control.

Both Democrats (and some Republicans) voiced support for universal background checks and other strict rules. All meant to infringe on your right to bear arms. Sen. Ted Cruz fired back at a recent memo outlining the latest gun control push. He revealed what we should really be doing.

Every time there is a highly-publicized crime involving guns, the media and Democrats push for gun control. Funny how they’re never on board with any kind of “control” when terrorists used rented cars, homemade bombs, or knives. All those things can be heavily controlled as well. But when it comes to a weapon that is defended by the Constitution, they’re all on board with denying your access to it.

Already we have strict laws that make it hard for an American to legally buy a gun. In some states, it’s very difficult to jump through all the hoops just to buy something that will protect your home. Democrats now want to make it even harder. Their policy is to punish anyone who wants to buy a gun.

Universal background checks have been discussed as a layer of difficulty for a would-be mass shooter. Notice, though, that few lawmakers are explaining how these background checks are different than the ones we currently have. If you enter a gun store today, you’ll be subjected to an FBI background check before you can buy a gun.

Apparently, that’s not good enough for Democrats. They want a much more thorough check, one that would probably discourage Americans who value their privacy (most of us).

What’s worse is that the White House sent around a memo that endorses background checks and other complicated gun control measures. They would make it harder for you or I to acquire a gun.

Sen. Ted Cruz fired back at the memo, making it clear he did not support the measure.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) rejected the White House/Department of Justice (DOJ) universal background check plan that was circulated in a memo on Wednesday.

Breitbart News reported that the memo largely mirrored Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) gun control bill and would require the issuance of a “bill of sale” and the preservation of a “chain of title” for gun sales that do not currently require government oversight…

Background checks have proven no barrier to mass shooters in America as nearly every mass shooter of the past 12 years acquired his guns via a background check. All the while, criminals are arrested on gun charges but not prosecuted to the fullness of the law.

Cruz summed this up, saying, “If we want to stop crimes, we need to focus on the bad guys, not the good guys.” [Source: Breitbart]

Cruz is 100% correct. Why is it politicians always talk about gun control and “mental health” as solutions to mass shootings? We don’t do that with any other crime. Stores are protected with metal detectors from robberies. Banks have armed guards. You protect your home with a security system and probably a shotgun.

What do these things have in common? They are deterrents. We make committing a crime very unattractive to a criminal—so that they think twice about doing it.

Yet with mass shootings, we try to “prevent” the crime with methods that punish law-abiding citizens. Why not make it so that the cost of harming innocent victims by a mass shooting is so high, no person would want to do it?

That involves Americans being allowed to carry firearms into public places, so they can defend themselves. That involves encouraging Americans to exercise their rights, rather than discouraging them.

We don’t see that coming from Washington. Instead, they want to impose greater control over our lives. Um… socialism much? Government can’t solve this problem. It can eliminate our rights, though, making us much less safe.

Cruz’s rejection of universal background checks spells doom for any legislation that pushes it. If he won’t vote for it, that means many other Republicans won’t as well. Good luck trying to get it passed then, Democrats!

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