Every last 2020 Democrat has embraced a policy of open borders.

They’ve promised major government-funded handouts to illegal aliens. It’s all a scheme to get Hispanic residents (legal or otherwise) to vote for them in the election. But story after story—as well as polls—reveal what Hispanic Americans really feel about the left’s plans. And what they think of Trump’s.

It’s really sad and pathetic that Democrats have given up on backing Americans. Their entire platform these days is about pushing radical, left-wing ideas. From transgender rights to hardcore socialism, Democrats running for office have rejected every last shred of our values and beliefs.

If Democrats really cared about the well-being of Americans, they’d be paying attention to what we’ve been saying for years. They’d support measures to improve our economy, protect our border, and—most of all—work with the president.

But it seems the left is under a delusion that they can ignore us, push impeachment, and impose crazy, un-American policies onto our country.

Why? Because they are angling for votes from outsiders.

Democrats believe that all Hispanics in the United States support their radical causes. They are banking on more than a few non-citizens to vote in this upcoming election. Oh, don’t believe me? Then why did two 2020 candidates speak Spanish at the debates? And why are they pushing for open borders, free healthcare to illegals, and an end to voter ID laws?

They are entirely counting on illegals and Hispanic citizens to back their toxic agenda. The bad news? More and more Hispanic voters are siding… with Trump.

Despite 2020 Democrat presidential primary candidates’ plans to open the border and increase overall immigration to the United States, Hispanic Americans are increasingly siding with President Trump’s “America First” agenda…

“I believe in the wall,” Marcella Trujillo Melendez, a Trump supporter, told the Albuquerque Journal. “I believe in security. This is my country, and I want it to be safe.”

Poll after poll has found that… [Hispanic Americans] side with Trump on the key issue of immigration — that is, they want less immigration, not more, and do not believe American taxpayers should be subsidizing illegal immigration. [Source: Breitbart]

All of the extreme plans being pushed by 2020 Democrats are hated by the one demographic they need. Hispanic Americans (as well as black Americans) do not want an increase in immigration. They don’t want illegals to vote. A whopping 73 percent Hispanics are against that.

Other plans, like taxpayer-funded welfare to illegals and giving jobs to foreign workers is opposed by these same voters.

Many Hispanics are on board with tighter security at the border, including a wall.

Hmm… you’d think Democrats would know all this. This isn’t top secret information. So, why are they pushing an agenda that will turn off many Hispanic voters?

It’s clear that Hispanic citizens—either legal immigrants or naturally-born Americans—aren’t interested in the left’s extreme views. They want a safe country, with a booming economy, and a limit to immigration. Just like everyone else!

Democrats were really banking on Hispanic Americans to back their terrible ideas. Simply because they were Hispanic. Liberals assume everyone votes based on their race. And they were really trying to convince Hispanic Americans that their only choice was to support the left.

But Hispanic Americans aren’t stupid. They see what Trump is doing to help all Americans. And they see that the left’s plan is going to make things very bad, for everyone.

Now, if the 2020 Democrats were smart, they’d all start singing a different tune. They’d give up these radical, left-wing plans in exchange for an America First platform. They’d appeal to all Americans, regardless of race, with a plan to improve our lives and protect our freedoms.

But they won’t. They’ll continue to ignore us and pander to illegal aliens.

And lose once again.

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