It’s been a rough few days for Democratic 2020 hopeful Joe Biden.

The former Vice President was leading the pack of candidates for most of the summer. Now, things are changing. It looks like he’ll have a harder time winning delegates in Iowa. But when asked a simple question by a reporter, he gave a bizarre answer.

It’s no secret that Joe Biden has had a terrible relationship with the press. Sure, Donald Trump has no problem criticizing the fake news media. But when asked a question, he gladly answers. Biden, not so much.

Biden has a history of kicking reporters off his bus or getting aggressive with someone asking the “wrong” question. Once he even put his hands on a young female reporter and growled in her face. Seems like “Smiling” Joe has an angry streak in him.

Recently he was asked by a reporter about the mounting scandal over his influence in Ukraine to protect his son. Biden angrily talked down to the reporter, contradicting his past words and actions. He claimed he never talked to his son Hunter about his business dealings. Not true. He went on to accuse Trump of “intimidating” a foreign leader in an abuse of power.

Yet that’s exactly what Biden did when he threatened to withhold $1 billion from Ukraine, so they would fire a prosecutor investigating his son. Um… yeah, that’s much worse than Trump simply asking the country to investigate a crime.

All this has amounted to a man whose campaign is floundering. Perhaps Joe Biden is losing his interest in running for president. Maybe he never wanted to but felt obligated to the party. Whatever the case might be, he had a pretty odd response when a reporter asked him why Iowa voters should back him.

While in Iowa last week, former Vice President Joe Biden refused to explain in a video interview why Iowans should bother voting for him if they are experiencing a booming economy…

“In Iowa, the unemployment rate is 2.5% — people say they are employed in Iowa and their small businesses are growing,” a reporter said to Biden…

The reporter still asked why people would “want to make a change” when they are experiencing such economic success.

“Well, that’s up to them to decide,” Biden replied.

“Why should they?” the reporter countered. “Make your case.”

“I’m not going to,” Biden said. [Source: Daily Caller]

Um… what? This was Biden’s chance to pitch some winning statement to Iowa voters. Why in the world would a candidate not even bother to encourage people to vote for him?

It’s one of two things. Maybe Biden is so tired of and hateful towards reporters (or reporters that don’t ask him softball questions), that he just wanted to deprive this woman of her interview. He was offended that she brought up Iowa’s booming economy and just wanted to spoil her chance to talk to him.

That would be pretty petty of a man who wants to be president.

The other reason? His strategists are telling him he doesn’t need Iowa to win. If he can get even votes elsewhere, Iowa’s a wash. He is trailing there in recent polls, anyway. He hasn’t done much to win voters in Iowa over the summer. Who needs them, right Joe? Screw Americans and their love of democracy!

If that is how he feels, then he doesn’t deserve to be president. Imagine a candidate so uncaring about a region, that he’d just snub it because he thinks he doesn’t need their votes. That’s just what Hillary Clinton did in 2016, when she didn’t bother to visit Wisconsin once during the General Election.

And she lost, by the way.

Donald Trump reaches out to everyone, even if he might not win their votes. You see, he actually cares about Americans.

Biden seems to only care about Americans that can get him what he wants. Iowans? Yeah, they can go screw themselves. He can’t even bother to pitch to them.

This guy doesn’t belong anywhere near the Oval Office.

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